Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Visiting the Austrian Border

 Brain Freeze

 Adley placing a Book of Mormon :)

Family! This is the best week EVER! We had transfer calls and:
I AM STAYING!!!  With Sister D. Aren't you all excited for me?! We have to move apartments though. There is going to be an elder companionship of 3! HAHA. The awkwardness of it all! But they are the BEST elders ever! So we are all so excited! Our new apartment is the size of Brooke's room. Our beds are a foot apart. It is going to be a party!
So much happened this week. Seriously. Where do I start? Bullets.

2. Chocolate factory. I taste tested 25 different kinds of dark chocolate. Including chili flavored.
3. Visited the Austrian BORDER!!!!
4. Touched the Iron Curtain.
5. Touched the Berlin Wall.
6. Had the BEST PAPRIKÁS CSIRKE in the world.
7. N. read the Book of Mormon. THE WHOLE THING. Before our next visit.
8. Happy Birthday SHAWN!
9. Helped A. try and fix an antique clock. He let us say a prayer for him!
10. M. is getting baptized!!!!!
11. F. came to church!
12. I don't have to leave my investigators!
14. Talked to a Muslim man who wanted to go clubbing with us. Accidentally told him my dad served in Iraq. Called Americans stupid. Here is the conversation:
" I lived in Iraq."
"Oh, yeah? My dad served....there." ( WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT?!?!?!?!)

Sis. D. and I laughed SO hard we cried. Oh. Good times.

This week was seriously AMAZING. We went to a conference here and I just have decided to be exactly obedient. Not that I haven't been but my heart has not been in it. AND WE HAVE SEEN MIRACLES! I was able to testify to people that they have to change! ( You know shy ole' Ad who hates to tell people they are wrong?) It is a COMPLETE turn around! F. is going to stop smoking! The other person is going to keep the Law of Chastity. It is incredible and doubled with sincere pray it is powerful! We have to move into the Elder's apartment today. We are switching it up because ours is bigger than theirs. The work is so great! I love it! I love you all. Enjoy the pictures!

Love Sis. Fowers

This winter has been insane. It snowed once. The weather has been SO good. So warm! Sorry for you guys!

This week was weird and so great. Sister B.- our senior couple sister, had a crazy experience. We were outside streeting and Elder B. drove by and told us to get in the car. He said that Helen called and needed help! So we jumped in the car and sped over to their house. The door was open! So we ran inside and Sis. B. was inside and her hand was in a bag full of blood. She was trying to feed the neighborhood dogs the leftovers from their dinner and a huge German Sheppard bit her hand. On the way into the hospital she fainted. But let me tell it was the most incredible experience! You know we all read about Jesus Christ, but it is one thing to read about and another thing to see and Sis. B. is disciple of Christ. She is sitting there after just passing out and she hears so kids crying and she is telling her husband to go get them treats. Then she just goes up to random patients and just talks to them! SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HUNGARIAN?!?!?

The health care here is very not ideal. They have patients on gurneys that just sit there for forever until they get called back. THEY DON'T wear gloves. Anyways, she goes around and pets their faces and holds their hands. This one ladies old daddy was dying and she was crying and she went right up to Sis. B. and asked her to pray for him. IT was miraculous. I didn't explain it right. I just was so touched. I want to be like that. 

F. is getting baptized on Saturday!!! She came to church and announced it to everyone. We are so excited! She is so funny because she is SO blunt.  Hungarians are so blunt. 

Alright. That was boring I know. I am reading the New Testament and just finding out what the gospel really is and it is so interesting. I love it!

Alright I love you all!

Sorry it is so short. I hate typing on this thing.....It is a mini laptop. Ughhhh.......

Hey fam, What is goin' on? 

I just say the hottest picture of Jaaron at Homecoming, and there was one of Peter leaning against the wall in a fly tie, and I didn't get any of Nathan, but he doesn't have to prove he is good looking. 

I miss you guys!

This week was HILARIOUS. So many things happened where I was just trying to figure out what was going on.

We had dinner with the B. and their friends. The B's are the greatest senior couple in the WORLD. I love them. But before our program they warned us that they might bring wine and that they were just going to accept and get rid of it afterwards. 

So they get there and we are setting the table and Sis. B. keeps offering them the wine that they brought, and they kept saying that they didn't drink wine, but she couldn't hear them, and it was SO hilarious. I did a bad job of explaining it. I know. Then Elder B. and I got in a fight about E-cards and he said that because I was complaining too much I wouldn't be getting one for my birthday next year. He then tried to show me an example of an e-card so that he could prove it was more that just a badly animated wish-you-well. And it proved my point that I would never want to receive such an e-mail. It was SO funny. But he said he is going to send mom and dad an e-mail about how you should just use those as our wedding invitations. Elder B........ughhhhh. What am I going to do when I have to leave them?!?!?!

We have FHE with them tonight and Sis. B. makes the BEST rolls. Oh man. Manna from heaven. Then we are going to play the " Flour game" with all the people from English class. They love dad for that one.

We had a palacsinta péntek. Pancake Friday! SO many people CAME! It was great! I played Jenga with 4 nannies ( everyone in Hungary is old.) and I was chanting one ladies name so hard she started shaking and laughing and knocked over our little tower. The game didn't last more than 5 turns. I love them. Then Elder L. played his little guitar to "I'm Yours" and all the nannies knew it! So we belted that out as loud as we could. So Fun.

Then we had an awkward "law of Chastity" with one of our investigators and we all ended up laughing so hard because he was being so awkward about it, and it was with the B's so they had all of this parental advice for him. Good times. 

It has been such a good week. Hard, but good. 

5 MONTHS LEFT. I am getting old in the mission.

Keep praying for us. I love you all. 

Love Sister Fowers