Monday, January 27, 2014

Miracles in Sopron

Family this week was incredible. People have been praying because I am seeing SO many miracles. This was probably the best week of my mission.
On Monday we met with the most Hungarian man I have ever met. We walk to his house and when we ring the doorbell I just hear this clunking sound, and our 6' 5" 50 year old investigator comes out wearing size 12 wooden clogs on his feet. I love him. He has this beautiful Hungarian dog called an Agár. They almost went extinct when the Russians came, they would just shoot them. To the Hungarians they are not even considered a dog. They look like a grey hound just larger! This one is completely black and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
They use the dogs for hunting and what the dog will do is chase the deer until it gets tired and then bite at the deer's neck at just the right place and the deer will veer and fall on it's neck at just the right angle and snap it. Wow. You should have heard G. talking about it. He said he is getting me one. I am so excited.
Miracle 1.

G. is pretty incredible. He is BRILLIANT. He is a famous author and knows several languages.  He grew up in the monastery.   He was a foreign exchange student and he lived at a members house for a long time and he said he knew that the Mormons were going to find him again. He just had a feeling. ( You should have seen him when we streeted him ....absolutely hilarious.) He is so prepared.
Miracle 2.
Freak referral, that came out of NOWHERE. He basically grew up on the street and was doing drugs his whole life. We got the number and then he actually called us. Said he needed to meet that day and he had a feeling this was the direction for him. We met and he told us his whole story and how he was ready for change, he hasn't done drugs for a year and he goes to a anonymous group for help. He said he needs to find faith and he has been looking everywhere. Then he was like, "Start teaching, just tell me what I need to do!" We taught him to pray and he said his first prayer. In the middle of the prayer he stopped and said, "I am just trying to know what to say the you." It was such a beautiful prayer. At the end he looked up and said that he felt so good. He is so excited to keep meeting with us. ( He called us the other day and said it was working! He was praying just like we told him and he got a job!)
Miracle 3.
The family. We met this lady on the street that was in jail with a member in our area before and she taught her the gospel and how families can be sealed! She met with us and we invited her to church and she said that her 4 kids were going to come to. I didn't really think it would happen. We were sitting there in sacrament meeting and the door opens and in walks this adorable family! The ward was ecstatic! After church everyone just fawned over them. The mom then told us in class that this is where her kids needed to be. She has children 12, 10, 9, and  8, and the most adorable little red head, A. he is 2. We went over to the B. for dinner and Sis. B. almost died that there were kids in her house again. It was so special. We found out though that her kids are in the orphanage right now, because she may be on parole. It's okay though. She is incredible and ready to change her life.
Miracle 4.
We went to this old antique shop  and met the cutest old man, A. We just talked a little bit and then left him a card and WHO was sitting on the back row of church yesterday????? A.!!!!!!!!!
Miracle 5.
We got standard. Not saying it to brag merely to make a point that WE ARE OPENING and the Lord is totally blessing this area. This NEVER happens. When I was in Veszprém we had 0 investigators for 5 weeks and we already have 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously we have been so blessed. These people are so prepared.

Miracle 6.
We were cleaning the branch house and the president of the ward came in and saw and started to help!!!! Then he put up all the beautiful paintings of Christ and we talked to him about helping him here in Sopron. It was a PMG moment. He trusts us !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOAH. First step.

Alright bullets because I don't have time:
1. Got yelled at by an American. That hurt.
2. Gave a talk in church.
3. Translated relief society lesson.
4. Played prelude for church.
5. Lead the music for church.
6. Living on $6 this week.
7. I am working out like a beast. 6 months to be beautiful again!

Alright. I love you all.


( Alright, second guess Peru. Chile. And Jamaica.) That was a guess from each of my fellow missionaries.

GO ADGIE!!!!!!!!!
Love Sis. Fowers

Monday, January 20, 2014

Opening Sopron!

My friends. I am in Sopron.

I am on the border of Austria! There is so much history here! Everyone speaks German and Hungarian. The cultural differences are so beautiful. I love it. I think I will learn German when I go home too. Language is so beautiful to me. It is so powerful, and changes everything. 

We are the first Sisters here in Sopron so it is quite the experience. There are parts of old Roman castles all over the place and it is seriously something from the movies. It is incredible. We live right above the branch house. So we just walk downstairs for church and we are there! We have a senior couple. I had to translate for them in church. That was probably the weirdest thing I have ever had to do. A completely foreign feeling. It is like you are empty and are just a microphone and headset for someone else. My brain was fried after church. 

We got back from transfers EXHAUSTED. And we were supposed to be taking the Elders old apartment. It was filthy. I was so ticked off. They left dishes in the sink......Hmmmmmm.  So I called them and explained this to them. They then told us that they left green Jello in the fridge, and that should make up for any inconveniences. Yeah, okay. I'm saving that Jello for a very special occasion.... maybe like the next transfer day. I hope they wear green ties.

I had to vacuum the floor 5 times and rip all the dumb posters they made off the wall. It took like a good 10 hours to get it all cleaned up. And don't get me started on the kitchen and bathroom........
But now it looks great! We rearranged the furniture and made it all cozy. It is on tallest level and overlooks the whole city. I do my personal study from a window that overlooks one of the castles. It is pretty great. 
Now the ward here. So, I go downstairs to the branch house and it is filthy too! No one has vacuumed  and everything was just all over the place. I guess they clean it twice yearly. So, I have now set aside the first 2 hours on Saturday for district cleaning. That should be fun.  

The ward here has about 20 people and the church has only been here for 12 years! This is just the beginning stages for this area. It is so interesting to see, a once in a lifetime experience and it is not all just beautiful and easy. I can only imagine what Joseph Smith went through trying to organize the church. Poor guy.

I guess the last time the area president was here he basically told the members if they didn't stop acting like it was a club he would shut the area down and lock it up. It is just interesting because Hungarians in general are very "tribe" oriented. They have groups that they form and it is very hard to break into those, so it was hard to bring nonmembers to church and not have anyone acknowledge that. Lots of gossip too. Drama, love it! So, I figure if we are going to be taking care of the Zion here it is starting with the branch house looking presentable. 

The other thing is that last year there was one baptism in Sopron and that was an Elder's fiancé. So......yeah. This place needs work, it needs good faith. We are pretty excited to perform miracles here. We talked to this man the other day on the street that told us it wasn't worth it. He was kind of up in our faces and kept saying that we would have no success in such a small, already traditionalized town.  I basically told him:

1. We are staying.
2. He needed to learn about us.
3. We had something important to do and we were going to do it.

It was great. I didn't even fear him. Just let him know what was up. I am becoming more blunt. It is a real problem. And if you know me that is a HUGE change. I like it.....:)

The senior couple. Let's talk about how great senior couples are: Family dinners on Sunday, take us out to eat, make cookies for English class ( Cookies is a bad word in Hungarian but they always say it anyways....pretty hilarious.), they love us, and they call us "children". Sis. Br. is probably the funniest lady I know. She was playing in the butter at dinner last night. ahahahahahaha. Sis. Br. is exactly who I want to be when I grow up. She just cooks, and cleans, and sews during church, and smiles, and makes rolls with smoking hot heels on. I love her. Elder Br. is great too.

Finding. Remember Veszprém? Yeah. Repeat. Finding 24/7. But we have already set up a few programs for this week and because I have already opened I know how to open effectively. It is really weird being an older missionary. Makes my head big. We get kicked out of a lot of buildings. I think that happened 2 times yesterday. BUT we are testifying our little hearts out and specifically looking for Priesthood holders, and families. We are going to see miracles so just hold on to your little nadrágok. 

Also. I love my companions. We had a little reunion at the train station the other day and we all cried and laughed and ate. and ate. It was great. Sister D. is my new compie. She is super relaxed and fun, and I think we are not going to have any problems. That is probably good because we will be talking to each other for about 8 hours every day. And do you know what? I KNOW WHAT MY CALLING IS IN LIFE?!?!??!!?!?!

Let's go back in time to when Sis. Adley Fowers said her first prayer about what to do in life. She had no clue! She just knew that the Lord was going to bless her and help her find it. Well, it has all just been building up and Sis. D. said what it was. The first day. She was describing what her sister's husband does and I just felt like whatever job it was it was mine. I could just feel it! She hadn't said it yet and I just felt like," here it comes. Here is the answer...."

Then she said....Diplomat. BLAHALBLAHBLAHBLALHBLAHBLAH!!! ( That was the sound that one of those old computer game makes when finish a level. ) I am serious. I need to figure out more deets but she said they write, they travel, they learn languages, they make peace. YOU GUYS!?!? It is perfect. And not too much schooling. I feel so good about it. It always amazes me when I it all just comes together. Like a puzzle. A big, fat, puzzle. So yeah. Isn't that great?!

Well. Wish us luck this week. We need to find 2 families and 5 priesthood holders. Pray people! PRAY!

Jaaron: You stud. 

Peter: If I get another grotesquely drawn obese person from you I am severing our relationship. 
Okay, just long as it isn't about me. Glad you had a party at the BYUof I. Are you playing soccer?

Nathan: I love you boy. I think you are going to go Spanish speaking on your mission......So keep studying.

Brooke: ( Whoah, so much easier with fewer kids.) I wuv you. I would give you a big fat kiss if you were here. Your drawing was beautiful. Thanks for making me the prettiest.

Boys in Africa: If you run over to Hungary we could have a party before mom and dad get there. Just saying. It's an idea.

Love Sis. Fowers

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little Red and the numbers game.

WHOAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! You guys are so great!!! I cried, laughed, and almost wet my pants....Or skirt. ( I had a liter of herbal tea this morning....) 

Video Adley is referring to.  Fowers' Family Apocalypse Christmas

I am super glad you liked the song! I didn't think you guys would like it so much?! We had our concert and it was WONDERFUL. Our mission leader recorded the whole thing! I give a little talk in Hungarian and we sing a few songs. I even have a little solo. It will be on Youtube. He is just fixing it up. Hope you like it. 

Well. It is transfer day....and I am. Leaving. I am going to bawl like a little baby tonight. I love these people. 

I am going to open ANOTHER city! No sisters have been there... but everyone wants to because it is the prettiest city in Hungary. It is called the faithful valley because they chose to stay in Hungary when they had a choice to split into Austria. I am getting a younger missionary who I have already met and I think it will be a good transfer. Tons of finding time though. I am pretty stoked. It is right on the border of Austria...and I was informed just recently that it is where all the Hungarians honeymoon. Eternal marriage anyone? Look it up, it's called Sopron.

Well. This week was INCREDIBLE and I learned so much. I wanted to send a ton of pictures of my life so I think I will. I will just be a shorter email. 

This week we really wanted to get Super Standard. It is this level of missionary work where you receive a certain amount of lessons taught, working hours, syl's, rcla's, and finding hours. We just wanted to see if it was possible and since it was the last week for one of us, we wanted to give Kecskemét the best we could. We had everything all planned out. Then we worked and worked and worked. We got Super Standard! It was great! We had 7 investigators at church, 21 lessons taught, and 35 working hours. Not saying that to brag, rather to make a point. So, I sat down on Sunday with my compie, and was talking to her about how well we did and how I thought she was great! One big celebration. I looked over to my comp who was suddenly very quiet, and was surprised to see that she was crying! I was a little confused, and I asked her what was going on and she said, " It's not about the numbers, I am sick and tired of them. I didn't come here for numbers." 

Wow. I suddenly was remembering the goal boxes we were making and filling out every night, the e-mail that gets sent out with all the numbers written on it and the highlighting of certain standards made by certain companionships, the call we were going to get from the mission president's wife telling us that we were fantastic missionaries. What was that worth?

Then my mind was thinking about Á. Whom the night before we told her she was a child of God. I was thinking of our three little gypsy kids that walk with us to church, the littlest riding on my shoulders because his feet are too small to keep up. I was thinking about our little Hungarian grandpa who dances and whistles when we ask him to. I was thinking of S. and T. who came to church for the first time together and were holding hands the whole time. A., who still doesn't understand why we needed the Restoration. There's Z. who bore her testimony the other day of being able to feel loved after coming back. There is this dear sweet, old, E. that goes to programs with us and is scared of the dark so we have to walk her back home. There is M. whose whole family left her when she got sick and told us she felt peace for 2 days after we first taught her.

I could go on.

 Don't get me wrong. We taught with our hearts last week. We worked so hard, and in the end what mattered? Well whatever it was, it wasn't on paper.

We kneeled together after that, really close and told Heavenly Father how we felt. It was a tearful prayer. We prayed for each other and we prayed for those we loved. It was beautiful. I sat on our balcony last night and just thought how infinitely small I am. Just a number. It was just so clear to me that THE only thing in this life worth working for is love. Without it, I am nothing. It is so powerful!   God give me the strength I need to love every soul I meet. 

Alrighty. Here come the pictures. I love you guys!!! Wish me luck. It is going to be a long week.

Love Sis. Fowers

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hungarian Angel


What is going on? I miss you guys SOOO much!

 Three VERY significant things happened this week ( which I thought needed to be mentioned rögtön) 

1. I hate kolbász. 
2. We have a concert on Saturday.
3. I have almost been out here for a WHOLE year. 

Yeah....important huh? I tried to make kolbász and Nokedli the other day and it was after fasting and it HURT. Way too heavy for my tum tum. So, no more. Also, I am also sending you a recording of me singing a Hungarian lullaby that H. ( My grampie) wrote for us to sing. I forgot to tell you all about this, but we thought we were just going to practice for our fireside concert and he brought in a recorder and had us professionally record the songs. It was crazy. Way too much stress went into that. The reason he wrote the song was because I told him that dad like the song " The Prayer" and he wrote a Hungarian script for it about Christ being our Savior. It is beautiful. BUT probably won't send that one. I just about died when he played it at the Christmas Eve program.....gah. 

I am losing so much vocabulary out here! I have to stop and think for 2 minutes every time I forget a word. BUT I am really kicking it with the language. I am trying to learn with every free second. It is so weird to think that a year ago I didn't understand the word: Ima. It is also really weird that you guys don't understand Hungarian. I feel like everyone should now. Basically language learning is crazy! I love it....when I understand it. 

Adrienne: Happy College! I want to know why you was droved by a boy ta' the Idaho? I am so excited for you. Can you talk to me more? I feel like you're too cool for me now. Thanks. A small friend.

I learned so much this week. First I just wanted to say how much I hate being rebuked. It hurts super bad. And yes, it happened this week. I won't say why it happened but it did and it was from someone I love a lot. It was actually not something that I did terribly wrong, or that I hadn't tried to prevent, and it was actually quite justifiable. I was doing a great thing! There was bad communication and so something happened, and I took the hit for it.

First off: Super hard to hear on your mission that you are doing something wrong. If that happens it is probably something you are already working on. Second. When you are responsible for something so immensely important, and so special it hurts to hear that you could have done it better. But anyways I heard this and I was pretty much a mess the rest of the day. I just felt pretty bad and I decided I needed to pray. I was so upset and hurt and angry, and I didn't understand why it happened because it wasn't my fault.  But the answer was so beautiful. I received this beautiful blessing about how the Lord needed to shape me for later callings and that he still loved me. Man. It was great. I just realized that because the Lord loves us he chastens us. 

Yeah. I know you are dying to know what I did...;)

I love you guys. Be safe. Let the Lord chasten you. Feels good. 

Love Sis. Fowers