Monday, April 14, 2014

It is like someone spoon fed me butter...

Where do I even start for this week. Let me describe my feelings about this in 23 words;

 It is like someone spoon fed me butter for 5 hours, and then put me on a treadmill ( high speed) with a three-legged dog.


I had to leave my beloved Sopron. I cried in the bathroom all night. I left my heart there...  in a way it felt really good to have worked so hard and in a way it was very painful. Sis. D. is one of my best friend. Sis. Brown and Elder Brown bawled. It was so sweet. Elder Brown handed me my luggage at the train station with tears coming down his face. He was so embarrassed and was trying to wipe them away.  I love them. I am visiting them when I get home. I have to visit so many people. I love them all. The ward just needs good hands to take of it. They deserve the best.

Then I stuffed everything in one suitcase. Hallelujah! Got it all to fit. (Yes. I forgot how to spell that too.)

And we have been working like DOGS. We don't eat. And I am not kidding. We are running from person to person. We met the most incredible family the other day. 2 beautiful little girls and the parents are so kind!

They make sure when they pray and when we teach there are NO distractions. They want this message SO badly. My comp is a champ. We are both just really excited to end our missions sprinting.

We gave our first Zone training. It went so well. I was super nervous but when I got up to talk I felt so empowered and just taught from the spirit. Super cool. We go on splits tomorrow and we are praying to know how to best help the sisters. Send a prayer this way so I know what to help with.

I really have to go. I have to write 5000 people.
This work is the Lord's. I love it!

Love Sis. Fowers

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We look back and what do we see? Just how perfectly our Father planted us.

(The Brown's, cute missionary couple serving with Adley)
Dear Fowers and D. families,

Sister Brown and I want to write and let you know what great missionaries your daughters are here in Hungary. They are so faithful and diligent in serving The Lord. We love working with them here in the mission field. Your daughters love working together and are trying very hard to find those who are prepared to hear the gospel here in Sopron.

We had the most spiritual experience we have had on our mission last night with a couple that Sister Brown and I invited to our home for dinner with your daughters. We had a great visit during the meal.

After the meal, your daughters shared a spiritual thought with us. It was at that point that we felt a great out pouring of the spirit. Prior to their visit we had asked your daughters to give us a spiritual thought on families, the L's have three children and we thought that would be what would touch their hearts. But when they started to give the spiritual thought they felt impressed to change their message.

They spoke of their love for the Savior and their appreciation for what he has done for them and how He had affected their life, and then they ask each of us, including our company to share how they had felt Christ in their life.

As each of us, shared our feelings about how we felt Christ's love in our life, tears were shed and a sweet loving spirit filled the room. It was a wonderful evening that we wished would not end. We are so glad that your daughters are living worthy to have the spirit guide them as they do the Lord's work here in Hungary.

Thank you for preparing them to fulfill so great a mission for The Lord.
Elder and Sister Brown

(Mission President)
Dear Brother and Sister Fowers:              

Sister Adley Ray Fowers has been called to serve as a sister training leader in the Hungary Budapest Mission.

As a sister training leader, Sister Fowers:
Is a member of and participates in the Mission leadership council; Is responsible for the training and welfare of sister missionaries in the mission; Maintains a vibrant proselyting area in addition to working regularly with other sister missionaries; Conducts 24-hour companion exchanges with sister companionships; Continues to function as a member of her district and zone; and Supports, assists and reports to the mission president.

She will set an example for other sister missionaries in the Mission through her study of the scriptures and the gospel, obedience, hard work, proselyting skills and other aspects of missionary work. She will fulfill a fundamental role in the success of the mission and of the missionaries.

Sister Fowers has been called to this position through inspiration and because she is a trusted and faithful missionary.

Sister Smith  and I are honored to be able to serve with Sister Fowers in this great work. We look forward to her service in this new assignment.

Sok Szeretettel, (with much love)

LOWELL V. SMITH Mission President

(Adley's Letter)
First, I got my transfer call.

I am going to Budapest. As a Sister Training Leader ( It is like a zone leader, but for sisters.) Oh man. I think I am going to throw up. It is right next to the mission home, we will see the president every day, I have to go on splits and try and teach the sisters stuff. Oh man. I haven't even trained. I guess I am just getting old. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO TEACH PEOPLE!!!?!?!

Alright. It is actually okay. I am going to be fine, it will be very interesting. The Lord knows where he needs me. ( Budapest was the last place I wanted to serve in actually. IT IS SO BIG. I'm just a little country girl.....) 

We had the most beautiful meeting with the Br's. They described it to you already. The Br's had fasted and prayed that this would go well. So it was actually them that made that lesson so special. I bore the most pure testimony I have ever born about Jesus Christ. There were tears in everyone's eyes and the spirit was so strong. I love this work.

We met with one of our investigators the other day. She snapped at us for asking her to read the BoM and was just so down. We bore our testimony to her that we did these things for her to find peace. The peace she needs so badly. She broke down into tears when she heard our testimonies. 

Another investigator is experiencing many hard things. She wanted to know why things happened to her when all she did was keep the commandments. We invited Elder Br. to give her a priesthood blessing. Even though it was in English. She could feel the power. It was beautiful.

We met a beautiful old nĂ©ni in the Hospital and sang to them and taught from the Book of Mormon. She wants to meet with us. 

We made Super Standard this week, but it was because seriously all we did was serve. It was an INCREDIBLE week.

One of our investigators got mad at us without a cause. I was able to stand up for us and rebuke him. ( I COULD NEVER DO THAT BEFORE.) But I told him, even though he was really mad, that we loved him. We left a Book of Mormon and a chocolate bar on his door step. He called yesterday and apologized. Turn the other cheek, it works.

We went from 5 lessons in our first week here to 19. Wow. The Lord is blessing this place.

We were prompted to go into a store where we had met a lady on the street and she was there. She is so open to the gospel and says she has been waiting for this. Her granddaughter is very sick and could die. We prayed with her and she cried. IT was beautiful.

We have been visiting ward members like crazy. The ward here needs so much support. We try to help our bishop in EVERYTHING. The members have differences so we are praying for love. We are loving them and we know they will love each other. We are down to 7 or 10 active members. 

A sister in our ward who told us she couldn't do it anymore and cried to tell us she was done, came back. The ward embraced her. She has felt peace. We are all helping her.

This week was so full of miracles. I have been REALLY praying. I only pray for others and it is incredible how precisely and beautifully God answers those prayers.

People are beautiful. They are noble and kind. They are honest and brave. Our lives our everything they were intended to be. Beautiful, painful, tearful and in the end we look back at what we did and just see how perfectly our Father planted us. 

I love you all. I laughed so hard at all the pictures. I love you all. BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

Love Sis. Fowers