Monday, May 27, 2013

I just want to stuff their little hearts with the gospel!

My Dearest, Beautiful Family!

It is the BEST DAY EVER, because I got all of your letters and I think all of you are all hilarious. Let's go first to Peter's letter.....

Peter. You are 13, 14 ( How old are you?) Simmer down boy!  Ya aint gonna git a gurl until afdur da mission.  Also, for your information I do enjoy eating bacon in the dark, with scantily clad strangers. 

Nathan! I want to see your head so BADLY! Can you send a picture of your baldness? Also I am sending you a set of Hungarian coins today!  I do not know when they will get there though? How was the living museum? Try to keep Pete away from girls...which should be no problem as you are far more handsome. :} 

Brooke. I sent you some letters and some love. I also sent you a surprise. I cannot wait to get another letter! Thanks so much for taking care of Catniss. I love you so much baby!

Dad. If you lay one paw on my precious feline, I will forever fill your lands with the strays of good ole' MO. Alright, but seriously please don't  kill her. She's just a harmless little, fluffy, puffy, furball that doesn't know better. Did you get my letter last week?  Mit csÍnalsz ebben ez életedben?  What are you doing with your life? Love you tons!

Adrienne. You know how I feel about you and your letters...and the picture.

Tommy-boy, you look sweet in your suit and I like the pink carnation.  Congrats on graduating. I am excited for you man. 

Sissa. DID YOU PASS? I AM SO PROUD IF YOU DID!!!!!!!! My sister. A nurse. A calling in life that requires the cerebral hemishpere of the noodle nogan to expand in almost a concusionous way and the permeable membrane around the pulsating heart to tumorously enlarge in the care of others. Yeah. I took a few anatomy classes myself.

Mom. What can one say to another that has so profoundly changed their course of life? I think you are the greatest. Thanks for the recipes I will carefully review and send the selected few. Köszönöm szépen! I really do not hate my hair, it is super convenient now that it is starting to get hot. Unfortunately today was way colder and it rained on the way to the library. I'm soaked! It has been a great week though, I can't complain.

There is so much to write about. Last week was wonderful but we have been having a pretty rough time with our investigators. Only one progressing investigator left. Good news though! M. and M. are getting MARRIED JULY 13!!! She is getting baptized June 15! We are so happy for her! She is really starting to taste the joy that comes from being in church and from living a lifestyle that mirrors the Savior's. She still has so much to overcome, but this is going to bless her life so much. We love her. I wish you all could meet her.

We wanted to visit KM. this week, we are not dropping her. We know she still wants this and she is trying. So, we went over there on Wednesday and something was off. Little KM. fits exactly the definition of a tough bird. She has been through a lot, and holds up her head high and squares up when the hard times roll in.  She sits in her little red chair and takes what life gives her, and she does it without hesitating. When we visited last week though, something was wrong. Her cropped white hair was unsettled, her bad right eye and her penetrating left evidenced the lack of sleep and were red and puffy. She invited us in and we sat down. We asked her how she was doing and she told us her daughter had a stroke.  She was waiting for the telephone call to figure out what is going on and was wearing worn brown shoes tied in hurried knots in case she should receive a call about her daughters worsening condition. She hasn't had much sleep and her heart has been hurting her recently. We are very worried; we gave her a message of peace and prayed with her. We haven't heard anything since. We go back next week, so we will see. 

Then we met with É. She is an older lady we met on the street, who told us about her daughter and how her daughter was gone now. She was interested in meeting, but we couldn't get a hold of her for quite some time.  She told us she had met with the missionaries before, and that she adored them.  She also told us that she had stopped meeting with them and that a few years ago her daughter was murdered.   She had a picture of her daughter on her desk and then proceeded to show us the picture of the young man that committed the murder.  She then turned to us and asked if she needed to forgive him? I have never and probably will never be able to consider accurately the position this woman is in. I cannot imagine the pain that she has felt from this, or will continue to feel. How can we tell someone to forgive when we have never felt what they now feel? It was beautiful to testify to her that "Yes, she needed to forgive" and that" no she was not alone." It was such a beautiful message to give. I am seeing more and more how inadequate and how completely imperfect I am for this call. I am so grateful I do not need to be, I just need to be willing to accept the help from an all-powerful source. 

My third story is similar, but maybe not as extreme. Another investigator, very promising and just wanting more than anything to know about this message, texted us and told us that she is having problems and that she does not know when or if we can ever meet again. 

I cannot accurately express the love I have for each one of them, so I am not going to try-but I want to make a point.
This gospel is for those people that need comfort. It is a message of peace and hope and honestly we all need more of that. Whether it is our dear old KM, the painful separation of a loved one, or any problem this life presents I promise this gospel is the answer! They all want so badly to find peace, we all do.

 I want to just stuff their little hearts with the gospel, I want to give them the happiness I feel, I want them to see what I see. I want to share my family with them all and let them feel the love that comes from eternal, unbreakable bonds. But I can't. It is heartbreaking. I know I have already talked about the scripture of Christ entering Jerusalem, and exclaiming, " Oh, if only you knew what belonged to your peace,"  to a people who did not understand his mission. We have to help people understand why we need Christ, what he did for us, and how to use that gift. 

 Oh, if only you knew KM. the power we can borrow from our brother and Savior!  Oh, if only you knew E. the power that breaks the bands of death! Oh, if only you knew the solution to any and all problems is contained in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!  IT is incredible to be out here and to see this. Every day feels normal. I don't always make my bed, I am nowhere close to speaking this language, I do not have a perfect knowledge of the gospel, and most times I am just a quiet witness of people changing. That is probably the greatest miracle. 

I love this gospel. I love Jesus Christ. 

Love Sis. Fowers

Friday, May 24, 2013

Just a little off the top...

I think. My family. Is.............CRAZY.

Why is everyone holding large reptiles and where can I get me one of those? Actually, I know where. I found a dead snake streeting the other day, I just lacked the desire to pick it up and rope it around my neck like some of my closer relatives.

Hey, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADGIE-POO! I can't believe you are 18!?! Time is going by so fast, pretty soon you'll be out of your pampers and stepping into the denim of adulthood. I love you.
This last week was incredible! It is my 2 month anniversary on Thursday! Also, Carissa I got the package. I am trying to memorize a quote a day from the book because I love it so much. Also, I told Grandma you failed to send the package to the MTC...expect a call from her later. Now what to start with:
Oh here is something everyone should have the common sense to already know. IF you don't know the langauge- DO NOT get a haircut. Yep. I did it. I asked one of the members, Z. to cut my hair, just a little trim, maybe a little longer in front and she said we could come back on Wednesday and cut it for me. Well we came back and my companion was exhausted so when it was my turn to get my haircut my companion was falling asleep on the waiting chair.I didn't want to wake her up and I was feeling dangerously confident.I thought "all I really have to do is point and she'll get it." Wrong. First cut. 6 inches. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Now I don't have to get a haircut for the rest of my time here in Hungary! Isn't that GREAT? Lesson learned. SO now chin-length hair, and no more pony tails. What am I going to do with myself?

Oh and guess what? M. IS GETTING BAPTIZED! We are going to pick the date this week, when she finds out her mom's schedule. Then her and M. can get married and live happily ever after.  We are super excited for her.

I am starting Yoga, super fun, and I just cleaned the apartment. Mom would you mind sending me some recipes for some healthy dinner foods....we have been eating pizza and palancsinta's for the last 5 weeks.  Today we have 2 lessons, and we just found out one of our investigators is pregnant!!!!
Yesterday we went streeting with the Elders, each companionship would street every other person. It was super fun and afterwards we celebrated the numbers and finds we recieved with some Jáko Czukárdo- fagyi or ice cream. 

A few nights ago my companion and I were kind of having a rough night. We were tracting a building and it seemed like everyone in that building was absolutely against accepting Christ. We finally were able to start talking to a lady who had let us in the apartment. We sat on the stairs and  told her about God and how we are his children and that he had a plan for us. After a while, she told us she had never seen God's help and then said that was it. She would not believe. She got up and slammed her door. Needless to say it was pretty upsetting. We went home feeling not-so-great. It is hard to see people reject your best friend, and that is what he is to us. When we need him, he is there. When we need comfort, he offers it. When you feel like you can't get up again he extends the hand. When the work isn't going so great he understands. I read this scripture in Alma that I thought was just incredible. It is when Alma and the sons of Mosiah are preaching to the Zoramites and the teaching is not going so well-  it says " That they did not suffer, or that which they did suffer was swallowed up in the Joy of Chirst." Beautiful. Right? It doesn't mean we can't be sad or that we always have to wear a smile. It just means that WHATEVER the unpleasant experience it is swallowed up by the Joy of Christ and that we ALWAYS have a reason to hope. You know I have been thinking a lot about how our world is changing, and the fear that is growing about the future. You know what we need? Hope. We need the hope that comes when we trust in the all powerful, ever present hand of the Creator. There is no darkness that is impenetrable. There is no unrighteousness that cannot be purged. There is no injustice that will not be consequenced. NO matter what power of darkness is apparent it CANNOT, and WILL NOT last. We know who is winning this fight. Now all we have to do is figure out where our loyalty lies.

There have been lots of lightening storms here lately. I get to sit up on the 9th floor and watch the lightning dance over the city. It is beautiful. It really reminds you who really is in charge.

I wrote everyone and I am sending the letters. Apparently it is only supposed to take a little over a week for the mail to get to I hope you get it soon. I have to go. BUT I LOVE EVERYONE. I only have a year and two months left. Crazy. Time is flyin!  Hold on to the seat of your pants- life is crazy.

Love Sis. Fowers

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adley's Letter Hungary 4

Family, Friends, and Countrymen, lend me your ears,
Alright, I am running out of ideas to start letters. It is so INCREDIBLE to hear from everyone this week! So much is happening!?!  Shawn is getting married to the prettiest girl in the world ( Mom the pictures are incredible!) , Thomas is a lady-killer.  Adgie Poo is graduating, Jaaron  is being a bum- hey wait, that hasn't changed....Peter is raising the fattest turkeys in the land, Natey-boy is taking Spanish to another level, and Little B is sending me love notes...STILL. Brooke, I love you more than everyone else. Dad loved the letter. Yo da bomb. And Mom...
BOLDOG ANYU-NAP!!!!!   Happy Mother's DAY!!!!

Let's see.  The language. Well it could be worse, but I think I am doing pretty okay. I can pick out the main theme of what people are saying and I am pretty good at saying we are missionaries. I was streeting the other day- which we do all day, every day, we only had 3 lessons this week and we have to drop one of them, sad, sad- and I went up to this older nanny and started telling her we were missionaries and we had a message about Christ, and she started saying something very passionately. I thought she was bearing her soul to me and thanking me for being in Hungary and sharing about Christ. Wrong. She then looked at me after she said that and asked " Az teszik neked?" Which means does that please you? Then I gave her the biggest, stupidest grin, and said" Nagyon teszik, nekem" That is very pleasing to me. Well, she lost it and started yelling really loudly in my face. My companion saved me by dragging me away. Apparently the nanny had been telling me that Americans think they are so much better than everyone else and that they thought they could just walk all over everyone, and I told her that pleased me very much. It was pretty bad, and slightly comical. There are some Hungarians that feel that way though, unfortunately.

OH! AND I MET MY FIRST JEHOVAH WITNESSES OUT HERE! We were going to visit one of our member nanny friends- É. and we walk in and there they are trying  to read  their pamphlets with É.! I felt cheated on. They talked about the destruction of the world, and we politely listened and you could tell they wanted to get us to fight but we just sat quietly. É's. brother-in-law sends them to her so she normally visits with them to be polite. At the end I told him we had a message about Christ too, and that is why we are here. He then told us that Cain talked to God to and that, that did not make him a good person. Ouch. He gave one last plug before É. banished him. It was crazy. I was thinking the whole time they were there, " Man, I would hate to go around in a skirt and try and get people to believe.....hey wait a second!"I forgot that is exactly what I was doing, and I loved it! I have been thinking about our messages though and why they are different.
Our message is based on Faith, Hope, and Love. Their message is fear. I felt so bad for them. They kept saying how the world was to be destroyed and how there is so much evil and so little good, etc. But you know what? There is so much good out here! I do not care if the world explodes. I know where I am going. I do not have to rely on fear but in the greatest hope that has ever existed- That Christ has conquered all and faith in him allows us to do all things. I love it, I love him, I love this mission.
We went tracting out in the country on Saturday- IN a rainstorm! It was Awesome. It was pouring, we were soaked ( and probably looked really attractive), and cold, but it was the funnest day I have had out here! The Elders took one side of the street and we took the other and we csengőed- door belled all the pretty little houses. We were singing while we walked, and just had the greatest time! After the storm we decided to stay in the area while the Elders went back to the city for a programme. The sun started shining again and we met with some of the nicest nannies and gave out some Book of Mormons. It was so wonderful!
We have a new investigator that came out of nowhere! M. She is dating our recent convert M. and they are so cute together! She wants to be baptized, so we are helping her prepare for that. Probably end of July is what she is thinking, we are so happy.

Transfers are tomorrow! I am staying with Sis. C., and Sis. H. is leaving to go to Pest. This is her first time being senior and I am going to have to speak a lot more. I just need to avoid nannies.

Last P-day we went to the park and played soccer by the Duna River. Super fun. We saw a boat called Péter that reminded of the guy in our family. You know the one with pointy hair? Anyway... I am sending some pictures of that and of Buda- that is the biggest city here that is just gorgeous. 

Alright. I love you all. I am working hard out here and coming closer to my Savior every day. I love this work, and the gospel.
Love Sis. Fowers

I just wanted to tell you that what you sent me is incredible. I am really taking my time and trying to  do some introspection. You are so great. I am so amazed by the fact that you are so willing to help people in need. You are the best missionary I know. Seriously, think of how many lives you have changed!!!  Love you so much! Sis. Fowers
What in the world? (this part is edited :).....seriously, that sounds super fun. Have a blast. And set a goal to kiss him. That was definitely, the inner-missionary coming out. Thank you for sending the package, and sorry for the short e-mails. I do not have any time!!! I love reading yours though. They are the BEST. Hey love you and I have to go, because it is a transfer day tomorrow and we  need to get some lessons ready for tonight. Also, did I tell you that I think you are beautiful and that I loved every outfit you were wearing in your pictures. AND WAY TO GO. Misszionarius vagy! You are a missionaryyyyy. and mom is calling on Sunday, you should try to get on that call because I want to hear your voice. Alright. Love you. Love Sis. Fowers

I just want to say that I am so amazed by where you are right now. I can see a complete difference in who you are becoming and the happiness you are experiencing. It is all from the gospel! This is blessing your life so much, and now you are going out to bless other people's lives....and who knows maybe you'll have someone- wink, wink- waiting for you!?!?! CRAZY. So you held, held hands? Not just for the dance part, but in the car? Hot stuff. keep me posted and I want to hear more about your mission, kay?
Love Sis. Fowers
I love you all very dearly. Peter and Nathan, thank you for your letters. You have touched my heart, and I am excited to hear you to speak Spanish nate and for Peter to raise obese turkies.

Dear Jaaron.
You sarcastic little punk. If I do not get a letter from you I will send fatty bacon peices to everyone else in the family except you. That is all.
Yes, I have the pictures. Yes, I love them. Yes, I love you. Please keep sending me e-mails- The are so stinking cute. Are you getting ready to be BAPTIZED??????? Also, can you please tell me how Catniss is doing. I have a really bad feeling dad disposed of her soon after I left. Alright. Love you. Good bye.

Adley's Letter Hungary 3

Mom! Thank you so MUCH! GAH! You are the greatest! This is just what I needed! I am printing it off and I am going to study it for the next year and a half! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

First, let me just say one thing:

I feel like some of my e-mails have not been very positive, and I do not want you to think I am in a constant state on deprivation. I do not want people to get the wrong idea about this place. It is beautiful. The people are beautiful, prepared, and their hearts are big and bright. This is where I am supposed to be. I love church and Jesus Christ. I love my life. I am sorry to write about some of the harder things that have happened- I do not want people to feel bad when they read my e-mails. I am just sharing what I feel, and what I feel is that the Lord is blessing me. Yeah, it is hard. Yeah, I am going to get over it! I will Legyözni ( overcome)!

Alright, so with that all cleared up just know I am doing well and I am kind of a baby too. 

THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE. We had 19 finding hours, which means we have walked down every part of this city, and I know it like the back of my hand. We have tracted some of the most interesting people! Yesterday, we were talking to an old basci about the Book of Mormon and we did not realize he was completely drunk until we tried to hand him the Book of Mormon. My poor  companion. She is standing there trying to help the man hold the Book of Mormon, not our best placement. Hahaha. Also, we tracted into a super angry nanny. Here is how the converstaion went: 

Nani: Miaz? ( Who's there?)
Us: Mi misszionariusok vagyunk. ( we are the missionaries)
Nani: Ki? "Who?"
Us: Missionariusok!
Nani: Ki?
( Nanies face has now distorted into the most disgusted face, and she is shaking her fro back and forth)
and then she slammed the door in our face with power only paralleled to the wooshi-finger-hold. It was classy. 

And then we had an awesome service project on saturday! Super fun. We were plowing a field for a less active member. The Hungarian nannies sat around a GIANT cauldron making potato and sausage soup- Paprikas crumpli,  L.( the little boy that reminds me of Nathan) Was dragging around his ferret on a leash and trying to make it ride a toy tractor, and we were banging up dirt clods with the elders and raking up all the weeds. I probably put in a good 4 hours of solid labor, did the farm proud ma. After that we were starving and we had that soup, which is basically potatoes, paprika, and slim jims, with bakery bread.....SO GOOD. We were so full we couldn't stand up straight. The thing with Hungarian food is you think you could eat more and then WHAM. It feels like your stomach is holding a 10lb. weight. Dreadful feeling, but sooo good. The nannies love me now. J.  had me sit on her lap. HAHAHAHA. Making up for all those years I was never held. ( wink, wink mom.)  We were talking about this the other day, and the way to best describe J.  is Hagrid's little sister. That sounds mean, but really it isn't you just have to meet this woman! After getting our faces kissed off ( I counted. 15 smooches) we went home and streeted, and lived Happily Ever After.

We still can't find M.! I am praying we will see him everyday! Work is pretty slow right now, and a few investigators dropped us. Sad, sad. 

We had a stake conference here at Duna, but it was for the others wards around the area. They came in buses, and after our church ended and they had all gone inside we were going to the car and we see the bus driver, in the middle of the church lawn, propped up on his little lawn chair, just tanning it up in a Speedo. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go over modesty with him. 

I just got done cleaning the apartment. I woke up at 5:00, worked out, and scrubbed that little baby till she was nice an' perrty. My companions call me mom. I wonder why? You know what I realized out here? I AM CLEAN???? Weird, huh? You should see my stuff mom. You would cry...with joy. 

This week I think I am just taking in the beauty of Hungary. We went into the Falo's this week, ( the country houses) and they are so beautiful. The Elders tract there so we normally stay in the city. They have these beautiful orchards! And they can everything mom! We got some homemade ketchup from one of the nannies here and it was TO DIE FOR! You have to try to make some! I eat it plain, and normally I hate tomatoes. So good. They also keep bees out here and one of our nannies said we could come over and have homemade jam and honey over bread. I am drooling right now...yep little bit on the keyboard, right there. Gross. I am going to ask them a lot about the beekeeping and keep you all posted. They also make tea out of weeds in their gardens. I am so doing this when I get home....except I will probably avoid all pasture areas. Alright, I am sending some pictures. Mom I cannot wait to talk to you on the 12th. I do not know how this is going to work, but it is Skype so just be ready. haha. ( I know you are really annoyed right now at the lack of details. sorry)

I love everyone. I am sending home some Hungarian candy. So if you didn't write this week you don't get any....well looks like mom is the only one getting stuff :) I love you all!!!!!!

Love Sis. Fowers