Monday, July 7, 2014


 (Barnabas gave me permission to post pictures)


So that was the exciting news. Cool, huh? He is going to be the PERFECT priesthood leader!

His confirmation talked about his future "ETERNAL" family. In sacrament meeting I couldn't help thinking what kind of effect this will have on him and his friends and future children.

I love this gospel. He was SO funny. He practiced the matrix so that he could bend right in the water. We LOVE him. It was SO worth it.

This week we visited an old Hungarian Falu. It showed all of the old Hungarian housing and the Hungarians that we were with told us that they were just like their grandparents houses. They had the most amazing stories! And they had sheep. I learned how to make nails as well. That will come in handy later.
Okay, I know it was short. Give me 18 days and then I will make it up to you! I love you all! Mom and Dad I LOVED the Snack Chat (weekly family newsletter). It was so good to read. Best parents EVER!
Love Sis. Fowers