Monday, April 14, 2014

It is like someone spoon fed me butter...

Where do I even start for this week. Let me describe my feelings about this in 23 words;

 It is like someone spoon fed me butter for 5 hours, and then put me on a treadmill ( high speed) with a three-legged dog.


I had to leave my beloved Sopron. I cried in the bathroom all night. I left my heart there...  in a way it felt really good to have worked so hard and in a way it was very painful. Sis. D. is one of my best friend. Sis. Brown and Elder Brown bawled. It was so sweet. Elder Brown handed me my luggage at the train station with tears coming down his face. He was so embarrassed and was trying to wipe them away.  I love them. I am visiting them when I get home. I have to visit so many people. I love them all. The ward just needs good hands to take of it. They deserve the best.

Then I stuffed everything in one suitcase. Hallelujah! Got it all to fit. (Yes. I forgot how to spell that too.)

And we have been working like DOGS. We don't eat. And I am not kidding. We are running from person to person. We met the most incredible family the other day. 2 beautiful little girls and the parents are so kind!

They make sure when they pray and when we teach there are NO distractions. They want this message SO badly. My comp is a champ. We are both just really excited to end our missions sprinting.

We gave our first Zone training. It went so well. I was super nervous but when I got up to talk I felt so empowered and just taught from the spirit. Super cool. We go on splits tomorrow and we are praying to know how to best help the sisters. Send a prayer this way so I know what to help with.

I really have to go. I have to write 5000 people.
This work is the Lord's. I love it!

Love Sis. Fowers

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