Monday, June 24, 2013

It just involves loving and listening..

BEST WEEK EVER!  So everything I was stressing out about either 1. fell through or 2. Turned out to be fantastic! Also incredibly I am feeling so at home this week?!?! What is going on? Must be all those prayers! 

I am sitting in the Kispest library. Today was one giant workout. Sis. M. and I played Basketball with the Elders this morning and then we went shopping at Tesco. We had HUGE bags and we had to carry them all over the city, we are exhausted.

That is another thing, we use so much public transportation that I constantly feel like I am on a train, bus, metro whatever they have here. You got my package?!?!? Jó volt? Was it good? Did Jaaron get the Wafer for Big People? ( tehe. Also, Jaaron I love you. Thanks for the letter bro.) OH! And our goal for this transfer is to be Vegans!!! We just threw out all of our téjföl and gave our eggs to the elders. It is going to be very interesting. I am super excited about it though. I love my companions! They are adorable. Sorry, did I mention I have 2? Sister F. is also my companion. You should see her work. Gahhhhh.......she is incredible. BUT they are both terribly afraid of bugs. It is ridiculous. So our apartment is so hot. (I will have to send you a picture it is pretty sketchy too.) I have never sweat this much in my life, nor do I plan to ever again.

There happened to be 2 spiders outside our window and they wanted to try and make some screens for the windows, but they were freaking out about these spiders. It was hilarious! I told them that we could just move the spiders out but they would not let me get near them. They had to stand on the other side of the room while I flicked them out the window with a pen. It probably doesn't sound that comical, but it was to die for. And the other day I was telling them about Grandma Erikson and her herbs ( I was using some essential oils.) I told them how Grandma sometimes eats garlic to keep bugs from biting. I didn't think anything of it afterwards, and right before bed they come into the room and it smelled so garlicky! They had both eaten garlic and then we all had to sleep in the same room. I just about died.
So for like 4 nights now we have been DYING of heat. It is pretty much impossible to sleep. We were trying to figure out why and one day I put my hand on the heater and it was ON!!!!! I then proceeded to check the other heaters....they were all ON!!! We had been sleeping in an enclosed room, with 3 people, with ALL THE HEATERS ON. Needless to say, we are sleeping much better.
Do you want to know something else incredible? I am speaking this language?!?! I am going up to people on the street, on benches, in houses, and then just talking to them! I can actually understand what they are saying and I am opening my mouth and these words just come out!?!? I have been using all of my free time to read from the scriptures, my grammar book, and the dictionary. I can connect with people now. It is incredible. I decided when I left my last area that I was not going to be afraid to open my mouth and I cannot believe what is happening. I am able to be myself?!? It is so cool. I am nowhere near perfect and I probably won't be near perfect when I come home, but people are understanding me and are helping me out when I need it. Everything is different.

Also, I have been trying to improve my approach. I am finding that it just involves loving and listening. We found this lady sitting outside her apartment the other day, and I said a silent prayer to know what to say, and I do not even know what happened but we just had a really good time talking to each other. At first she said she wasn't interested in meeting, and at the end she was inviting us over and telling us to visit anytime! I carried out a whole conversation by myself?!? WHAT?!?!?!
It gets better though. We were tracting some houses and we cséngöed this one house and this really mad looking lady came out-we were all thinking, oh great, we are getting yelled at. So since it was my turn to talk, I told her who we were and why we were here and she told us she did not believe in God. And I just kept listening and asking question- I never asked if we could meet or anything- and she just told us how she was about to be kicked out of her apartment and she felt totally alone. She had experienced a lot of death in her family and she was just feeling terrible alone. I was able to tell her about how there is someone that does understand her perfectly and that she is never alone. At the end we were both crying and she told us that we had to meet with her. HAD to. It was incredible. She told us that she felt like God did exist and he knew she just needed someone to talk to that day. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is blessing me so much!

Oh. Also, I was ringing into a 10 story ( the buildings are all locked and so you have to speak with people through a voice box to have them buzz you in) and I felt water hit me, and I looked up and I saw some drying clothes. I thought it was from that. So I continued to ringing in, and then tons of water came down and I looked up and saw a guy dumping water on us?!?! So just so he knew we were not going to run away-I waved at him and then continued to ring in. He continued to dump water, but we got in! Síkerúlt! Victorious!

CAMPBELLS. I got your package this morning, and I do not even know what to say. I cried... You are all too nice. Camille you will be an awesome missionary ( I hope you get called here.) Love you all- thanks so much!
Also, Mom I took out 100 from my account- Sorry. I had to buy some supplies at the MTC before I came and I think I might have used some for food and transportation- honestly I do not know exactly. So I had to use some of my bike fund ( Which I haven't paid yet. I am really sorry. I do not need any more money or anything so that was all- FOR THE REST OF MY MISSION. I can work it off when I get home on the farm.....Haul some logs or something.  Love ya.
Alright, I love you all. Thanks for the love and letters. I think you all are beautiful and I am not home sick anymore :) 1/3 way through my mission- be home soon. Love Sis. Fowers

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