Monday, September 16, 2013

Walnut, for Luck?

Hey Fam!

What is going on? ( Peter. If you EVER draw a picture of me like that again, prepare to die.) This week has been so stuffed of miracles, I can't even say how I feel. The Lord is so good, he just lead us the entire week. 

Unfortunately, news has spread about the soccer game in Veszprém. I have been getting smack from every member and Elder in the ward. These are just a few direct quotes:

" Ready to eat dirt, sister Fowers?"

"See my knee? Your gonna get a closer look on Monday."

" I am just going to shove you. Just shove you."

" Better hope you are on my team."

" You are going down...."

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I have tried to explain to them I am really not that great, but it is too late. When they see me play tonight we won't be getting any more referrals!!!! SO much pressure. I deserve it.

Alright, so actually I am not feeling so hot this week. I sound like a elephant with peanut stuffed up the ole' trunk. I am going to die in the soccer game tonight.....buried in AstroTurf. Sounds like a good way to go.

I just wanted to share a little story that has been on my mind this week. When I first came here we were meeting with this beautiful little family. L. is the father. He is a very worn down man. His house is 100 years old. The roof is not finished, whatever he started was ruined last week in the rain. He has a little play set for his kids- it is missing all the main pieces and the swing set is made of old baby car-seats.

He has been trying to finish the house for years, and it still looks like a mess. But he has the most beautiful little kids. F, C, and A. F, just has a little bubble face with short white-blonde hair, she is always wearing little green overalls. C. loves talking about stars, and A. is afraid of girls. T. is the mom. She is so sweet but you can see on her face that she gets in bed each night completely exhausted.  Anyways, the missionaries have been teaching them for a really long time, and that day we just felt like we needed to talk about why we were there. We couldn't gather them all together, so we ended up talking to L. the father.

Our last lesson with them we asked him to pray about baptism. He said he hadn't. When we asked why he said he couldn't believe. He said there was too much in his life. He felt like his family and him were in a prison, slaving away at this house that would never be finished. He said he couldn't believe that this would really change him. He thought you just have faith. Not that it is something that needs to be strengthened, cultured, and cared for. It was the saddest conversation I have had with anyone. We testified with all our hearts it would, that the gospel was true, that they needed it. We all need it. He just folded his worn hands and said he couldn't.  We told him we would be there when he was ready. Then we asked if we could kneel to pray. While he prayed we cried. It was heart breaking. We could hear the kids up stairs getting ready for naps, and T. trying to calm them down. I couldn't stop thinking about my own family and what it would be like living without this gospel.

We were leaving, and L. knew we were sad, and I think to make us feel better he rummaged around an old tree in the front yard and picked up two walnuts. Here they use walnuts for luck charms, and he handed them to us. In broken English he said: " For luck. I grew this tree by myself..."  As we walked away, I couldn't help looking at that tree and thinking, "but you can grow faith too." If only he knew! If only he knew where his peace could be found, and if only he could take that step to find it. The story is not over. I know they are going to find it. We might be waiting a while though.

Alright, well not feeling too great right now, so I will leave it at that. Probably need some rest before I get destroyed in this game.

Just know. I read all the letters. I love every single one of you. Jaaron-why did you not eat the deer. That part is still a mystery. I love you all. Miracles happen when we exercise faith. Families are forever.

Love Sis. Fowers

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