Monday, September 30, 2013

Living the LOVE of a missionary!

HI! I can write today!!!! WHOAH.

Seriously. I told my companion I am staying on this computer until I have a whole novel typed up! Not writing stinks. I got MSF so I am going to I just need to go shopping for some food. We had frozen peas for breakfast. We ran out of rice. HAHAHAHA.
Mom and Dad thank you for the reassurance that it is okay to use a little pénz. I already sent back the money I owe you two. So we're even. You have to have enough to adopt at least some replacement kids. 4 KIDS!?! Seriously mom. What are you going to do? That sounds like a great idea! We do this really cute family English,  Angolóra class here. We just invite all the people we meet on the street. We meet at the church and a few members come but you can tell the missionaries and they can bring investigators! Tell your friends and then just set up a group that talks about parenting! Mom, it is genius. Then incorporate scriptures and beliefs and that have helped you parent. Start and end with prayer and give a 5 min. spiritual thought at the end. If anyone wants to learn more about the church than have them call the missionaries! It works so well here, and your teaching would be so helpful for others. Seriously. You have so many skills and so much experience in that area! Then in your spare time head over the clinic and save unborn kids. Mom you rock.
CHRISTMAS! All I want for Christmas is to talk to my family. Seriously. I can get about any food over here ( except peanut butter, and that I can wait for, so don't bother :) Besides. I already used a little for bike fund. I talked to the missionary financer and she is saving me a winter coat some missionary left behind. ( I just needed a water proof one and she and I are  like this : ( imagine me crossing my fingers and saying that.)   I would actually just like to get you all stuff from Hungary. So if you want something: Bull whips, kolbasz, etc. let me know and if you don't want anything than that is okay too. 
Mom. There are so many cute kids here. I just want to be a mom. There is this little boy N., whose mom is in jail. She is going to be there for 5 years! He won't even know who she is!?!?! He is 2 and just needs a mom. His dad is awesome but just so tired. He loves giving me high fives and little hugs. Yesterday he was just sick and when it was time to leave he was just crying and reaching for me and saying mom. It broke my heart. I love him. But you know what there are angels watching over him. I believe that with all my heart.

Then there is little F. She is 2 and has short white blonde hair and a circle face and she wears denim overalls and just hugs me and let's me play with her bear. Her face is always dirty and her family doesn't have a lot, but she is so sweet. She will just lean on my arm and OHHHHH.......I WANT A BABY.
I just feel so blessed. I just feel love here. I love people. It is unconditional and it is such a beautiful gift. The Lord is really changing me. I wouldn't trade this for ANYTHING. I love it so much. I love you all more and more EVERY DAY. And I am starting to understanding God's love for us. I can't explain it. WOW.
We were tracting a few days ago in an area and I guess an older inactive member saw us and tried to call out for us. We didn't hear her. She showed up at church last Sunday just for a little bit and we were able to plan a time to meet with her. When we met last week she was so grateful. She was just so lonely and all of her kids live in America. She just couldn't stop thanking us. We had to leave but she said she would come to church though. When she came to church she just looked so nervous. She is so sweet! During Relief Society ( Can't wait to have a church meeting in English.....GENERAL CONFERENCE, I AM SO STOKED.)  The Bishop pulled her out. We had a lunch afterwards so everyone was setting up and I wasn't seeing her. I went back into the Relief Society room and she was sitting in there getting her bags ready to leave and crying.
When I asked her what she was doing she said she had to leave. She hung her head and said she didn't bring anything for lunch,  and that she wasn't wearing a skirt. Well we smothered her with love. The Bishop told her she was not allowed to leave and we introduced her to the 2 year olds in the ward. She wasn't going to eat and we brought her right up to the line, put a plate in her hand, loaded up a plate and sat her down with all the little old néni's.
Afterwards we walked her to the bus holding her little wrinkly hands and gave her lots of kisses and hugs. She just cried. She was part of this family and she felt it. It was so touching for me. I felt like the Father of the Prodigal Son. I got to be Christ's hands welcoming her back. It was so much pure love. I have never felt like this before! I never want to leave! I looked around that lunch at so many of the people that were coming back: Z. ( My best friend here-reminds me of Carissa SO MUCH!), S.( the guy who scored the winning goal on me- Why was I the goalie? That's the real question.), little  E. who was embarrassed she wasn't wearing a skirt, G. and N.( The family without the mom.) and I just love them. If I get transferred I am going to bawl my little eyes out. It is so hard to come back, they are all so different and so precious. FIND THEM AND LOVE THEM. Let them back in. No one is perfect.
Alright. OHHHHH.HAHAHA. I know what else.
I misunderstood," Would you like to come over and pick potatoes?"
"Would you like to come over and eat potatoes."
Very subtle difference. Very large problem.
We ended up going to this members for what we thought would be dinner. We ended up working in a potato field for a good 3 hours. Whoah. We were wearing skirts. So I had to borrow some old clothes. I ended up wearing a real tight, black striped turtle neck, blue sweat pants ( really loose sweat pants...) and high tops. haha. I looked very classy. It was really cool though and super interesting. They just flip on the tractor and with a crank plow through the field and potatoes go flying! It is super fun and dirty. I think we should grow some :)
Oh. and my Companion and I were separated for the first time. ahaha. So FUNNY. We were sitting on a bus trying to get to a program that we really had no idea where it was, and all of a sudden the member is rapping on the bus window and telling us to get off on that stop! Gah! So we grab all of our stuff and the bus doors were closing, I was sure though that I could push them back open. WRONG! I was just coming through the door and was trying to push it open with all my might ( to save my little companion) but it would not open and I just barely managed to squeeze through to freedom without getting chopped in half. I turned around and there was my poor little companion. Trapped. I gave her a really sad face as she disappeared in to the great cities of Hungary. She just got smaller and smaller. Hahahaha. She is just so new. I felt so terrible, but it was SO FUNNY. We eventually caught up, but it was pretty hilarious. I had to run to the next bus stop to retrieve her with the member close behind on a pink bicycle. We looked ridiculous. When don't we?
Also, soccer is going well. The Elders here are still smack talking, but I got a few good kicks at them. I have been practicing goalie. The people we play with are hilarious and super good.

Oh. And I am sending Goat-town pictures. Enjoy, and be jealous.
I love you all more than you could probably mathematically equate and even if you could it would be unfathomable to the human mind. So don't try.
Nagyon szeretlek benneteket és allíg várom káracsony időre!!!! csodálatós lesz.
Don't google translate that. It might not be right, just let me think I am cool.
love, Sis. Fowers

FYI, google translate (I love you and look forward chin x-mas time!! will be amazing.)

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  1. Sister Fowers! Thank you for your beautiful post...I needed to hear this today :) Know that you are loved and come from an amazing family of precious, righteous spirits. Your grandparents (Bishop and Candy Fowers) and your parents! Just love them for all they do to progress righteousness in this temporally chained world. Keep up the fantastic work <3