Monday, October 14, 2013

He is perfectly accustomed to working with human frailty.

Okay! Adorable family! What in the world? Why are you all so good looking? And why is Jaaron wearing a helmet? Good heavens, that boy is a weird one ;)
Dearest Brooklynitta Jositta,
Hello. I wanted to tell you that I love you WAY too much. I try to not love you so much but it is way too hard. You have my plumpy, lumpy heart in your little hands. Be careful with it! Also, I saw the pictures of you with soccer cleats on! Brooke. You. Are. A. Super. Star. Did you score? What is your nickname? Red hot? Chicken legs, the Lamb Runner? Whatever. it is I bet it is incredible! Sorry I couldn't make your cake this year. Next year we can make a 9 foot tall cake complete with waterslide! Brooktopia, oh yeah! Well I love you Brooke. You are so beautiful and you deserve everything good in life.
Love me
This week was so fun and so hard. I missed you guys a TON. Sister Hinckley and I set aside 3 minutes each companion study to cry for our families. Hahaha. Ok, not really but we did do that like 5 times this week. It is HARD people. This week I remembered something from way back in the day. ( I hardly remember stuff like this...that is why I am super excited about this!) I am not exactly sure where it was but we were in canoes ( Michigan?) and I remember it was us (the girls) in the back and dad was canoeing. Somehow dad managed to catch 2 turtles and he put them in the boat and Carissa was saying something about them biting ( Of course), and then they would waddle closer to us and we would scream and dad would save us by scooting them toward him. Nothing super special, but my comp and I cried after I told her that. Let's just say we were pretty emotional that day and we love our families A LOT. :)
Oh. And I ate more pig fat. We went over to J. and S. house. They are probably the most "Hungarian" Hungarians I know. I am sending a picture of her cutting bread. (It pretty much describes my whole mission.) J. is like 82 years old and sometimes doesn't understand what is going on, but is SWEET as anything I was helping her set the table and she handed me the dishes and they were SO sticky. I tried to wash them with some old soap. Then when she was cutting the bread you could see mold spots. We were pretty worried. The soup she made was bab leaves and it just had little pork fat chunks in it and it tasted like pig musk ( brought back a lot of old memories.....) Then they give you hot dogs to put in the soup. I told J. what hot dog meant and she thought it was really funny. S. is her ADORABLE little boyfriend and he has the cutest little mustache. We got him to sing some old Hungarian hymns. It was so fun. We love them so much! Every Sunday, S. gets on his motor wheelchair and books it to church. He walks in, I tell him he has very nice hat and he takes my hand and tells me something about WW II and off he goes to the front row.
Oh and we tried a different streeting method. We all line up and then we do "the Lean". It just this super funny, and awkward dance where you lean to one side 3 times and then switch. When everyone does it in sync it is so funny. So we were all set up and no one was talking about us, and we all got in a line and started to do that. This old néni walks by and is SO confused. She just stops and stares at the 4 leaning Americans. She has not clue what to think, but then we went over and talked to her and she actually accepted a card!!!! WHOAH. Next baptism! 

This is also the 10 weeks transfer continues.
Today we are going over to Z. to sew. We are making polos! Whoah. Probably have fried meat, and then have a Family Home Evening. The last time I went over there Z. asked me:
" Van krumpli neked?"
It means, do you have a potato?  Well I was totally confused and I looked down where she was pointing and my big toe was coming out of my tights. HAHAHAHA.  They call that a potato! It was pretty funny. She is an RCLA that reminds me exactly of Carissa, she is about 38 years old. She just started to come back to church. We are BEST friends. She got up this Sunday and talked about how hard it was to come back but how welcome she felt. Her Pár, or boyfriend is starting to come to church too! We sat in Relief society together and we try and see who can answer the most questions. I love her.
The mission continues. This week I am learning to finish things that I start. I know you all know this about me but I tend to start things that I don't end up finishing. Oh, for example putting things in the wash and not the dryer ( Sorry mom.) Or bringing home helpless strays and making dad deal with them. ( Not really sorry about that because I think it has built your character dad.) By the way I was "this" close to bringing a kitten home the other day but the comp said no.) Anyways, super frustrating but true, I hate saying that. This week was pretty stressful. I actually am so grateful it is over. Basically we missed a bunch of busses to some new programs and we couldn't set up with them again. Don't judge me, I have no idea what happened. It was just a bad week. We had some bap dates fall through, and I don't know. Anyways there is a reoccurring thought I have every time something like this happens.
I wonder if you all remember Bunny? Yeah, that adorable little goat that I bottle fed? I remember going out there every morning and every night and petting him, giving him some warm milk. He would follow me around, I would talk to him. I loved him! Well I don't know exactly what happened, I guess I just got careless. I started assuming that he was doing fine, he was getting enough food, healthy, and loving life with his little goat friends. He got moved to the big pasture and I started seeing him less frequently. I just kept telling myself he was fine. Well I remember suiting up one day to go look for him, maybe give him a little bottle see how he was doing.
It was snowing and I couldn't find him anywhere. I finally found him huddled under a tree. I started to call for him, but he didn't move. When I got closer he stayed still. Well, now I was worried. I ran to him and rubbed his back. He was cold, and breathing really slowly. Well, I picked up my little friend and brought him inside. 
You all know what happened. I tried to get him to eat, and he wouldn't. And so I just held him. He died in my hands. I am STILL so frustrated with myself about that. Besides that fact that I had made one of Heavenly Father's creations suffer, I had lost my friend he depended on me! ME!  What was I thinking!?! I think about that and then I think about all the people God puts in our care. Man. So FRUSTRATING. There are people here that are depending on us. Not even just people. Family. We promised to help them and if we let them down where do we stand before God? Not a good place. Anyways, I have to change. It is so hard sometimes. I am working on it.
Don't get me wrong. I do not think that there is anything we can do to frustrate the will of God. He is perfectly accustomed to working with human frailty,  and he knows how to best save his children, but if we can't be depended on then what will we merit? Nothing. The Lord needs to be able to trust us. Learning that the hard way. I love him though, for being patient.
Alright, and seriously. Jaaron, Peter, and Nathan are so muscular!?!?! What in the world. Stop growing. I really do not recognize you all anymore!

Peter! Run forest, run!

Jaaron. Nice hat. I was laughing so hard I was crying when I saw the pictures of you getting kneed and pushed. Head butt someone boy!

Adrienne. I like the owl earrings....Thanks for talking to me last week :)

Nathan! I didn't get a picture of you smiling! Can I have one? Thanks I love you and am sending you and Brooke presents! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wow. No one else is at home??? Mi csóda?
Alright. Mom I love you. Dad. I really am glad you are taking a week off! WHOAH! I like the bald spot. Looking foxy as usual.
Love Sis. Fowers

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