Monday, November 25, 2013

Get your tights on!

Hey fam bam,
So this is kind of depressing but I thought LAST week was Thanksgiving....HAHAHA.Let me describe the day for you:
" Mornin'......Happy Thanksgiving." ( Me)
" Thanks."
And that was it! I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving week last Monday- So I forgot to buy a turkey. BUT because it wasn't really.... I can get one today! WHOAH.
Alright, here we go bullet points.
2. It snowed this morning. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Hello tracting days!
4. We are burning old records on the balcony today! This is going to feel like clearing all over again.
5. I got a free burrito from Gringos Amigos......My Amigos card is all stamped up.
6. I cried really hard..... because my family is going to kill a goat. Let's just say I was really emotional that day. HAHA. But seriously. I was saying nightly prayers and cried...about that. I am such a pansy. I should probably be a vegetarian.
7. It was the Primary Program on Sunday! It was adorable.
8. For the second half of church we ate cake....with the  Primary. I was covered in chocolaty hand prints.
9. Week two of no working washing machine.
10. My investigators forced me to hold her 4 month old twins...................No comment on how wonderfully, beautiful it was.
11. I made blankets with the ward.
12. Met a girl with cancer the other day....teaching her English this week, AND THE GOSPEL! WHOAH!
13. My companion was.....OH THIS IS A GOOD STORY: ( Kind of embarrassing so if you don't want to share this with the world feel free not too.)
Alright, so pretty much the superstition here is that if you don't wear tights or sit on cold benches you become infertile.
Well, my companion has not been wearing tights- don't ask me why it is FREEZING! Literally every single néni stares her down and then tells her something about future child bearing. So funny. Anyways so we were tracting and we knocked into this older couple and they were like " No, thanks. " So we had moved on to the next door and were talking to a 20 year old young man, and the lady comes out again to smoke and looks at Sister A. legs and is like" Oh no. You are not going out like that. What does your mother think about this?"
Sister A. was trying to explain that she just forgot them and the lady just shushes her and goes back into the apartment. Now, don't forget we are talking to a young man and she comes out with a pair of panty hose and is like, "Here you go, get in here and put them on. My boyfriend is in the other room so no problem, just go into the bathroom over there."  It was SO AWKWARD. They were all just sitting there arguing about it. And I was just standing there laughing my head off, because I have never been in a more awkward position.
So I end up standing outside the bathroom while my companion puts on the tights, while the 20 yr. old and the Néni are talking about how our church is from Canada.  But don't worry they asked if I could understand what they were talking about first, and then when I answered that apparently affirmed that I had no idea what they would be talking about........Hmmmmm.
BUT SO FUNNY. So looks like she will be having kids after all. Happy Ending!
14. I am so grateful for my family this week. Sis sent me some pictures and yes I was questioning the lack of makeup....Looks like she could use a good mud ball.
15. Don't get a bulldog.....Get a Great Dane.
16. Okay. That was it. Wait. Skyping. I can do it Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I really want everyone to be there.....PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
I love you all I hope you enjoyed the week. This week I am grateful for....bread.
Love Sister Fowers

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