Monday, November 4, 2013

This army doesn't give up, let up or shut up....

(Family Shirts we had made after receiving Adley's letter, yes Adley's initials are A.R.F. poor planning on her parents part)

Dear Mom and Dad, 

Let me first apologize, for last week. I did not feel good about writing a generalized letter. I just didn't realize it was the spirit until I left e-mailing. ( And then let me apologize for the AWFUL pictures you received. I was forced to give my ward mission leader your e-mail address. Good heavens...he takes the WORST PICTURES OF ME!!!! Still love him....but come on.) Also, tell Carissa I asked President...she can't come. ;)

Mom and Dad. First and foremost: You are incredible. And I am not just saying that. Do you remember President Eyring's talk?

You two HANG in there! Mom and Dad there is no one more capable, more compassionate, more prepared than you two.

So here it is. That moment where you've taken a fall, you are on your knees and now what do you have to do? You pick yourself up, dust off, and start running. You give it all you've got. There are ruts in the road, there are unexpected turns, but there is a finish line too and a definite prize.

We have your back.  Mom and Dad you stand with a small army. This army doesn't give up, let up, or shut up until we ALL cross that finish line! And you better believe that we have people on both sides of this veil pushing, cheering, and running right beside us.

We run together.

Trust in the Lord that he will provide the love you two need. He can do it. You can do it! If there is anything you are not, it is alone. Whatever the price we pay here, we will be well compensated in the eternities. Hope on, journey on, and don't you EVER question the love that this family feels for you, the love THIS missionary feels for you, and the perfect love of your Heavenly Parents. You two inspire me.

Mom. I love you. I wish I could hug you. I wish I could be there to make a doughy mess or something helpful like that.

Dad. You can do this. Just remember that no matter how big the waterfall, there will always be sharp rocks at the bottom......uh, maybe not entirely helpful. Okay, I love you.

Read and pray, safe today. Go Fowers grow LOVE. Perfectly phrased and never going to get old. 

I am working hard. I love you two.

Love Sister Fowers

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