Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas in Goat Town!

Well Good Morning Family.......
Let's begin with some great news:      I GET TO STAY IN KECSKEMÉT!!!!!!!!!

Let's hear some really good goat mimicking for Goat Town!
Man, it is gorgeous this time of year. I found all of your Christmas presents. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Little expensive. So worth it.
Speaking of Santa Claus. I SAW HIM. Oh boy did I see him. It was SO hilarious. I was walking to the bus stop and there he was! The Santa here carries a cane with a bell on it and they send one out on the street and he just walks around all day. Unfortunately my camera was at home. It was so funny seeing him disappear between alleys. It's like the footage of Big Foot in the forest. Man. Wish I had had my camera....
Also.... I GOT THE PACKAGE. Good heavens family. I greatly appreciate the 10 pounds of Nutella and Peanut Butter. Let's talk about the stories now:
Jaaron. Alright buddy, first off: Don't you dare tell me I sit in a nice warm apartment while you spend a measly amount of time tucked into a sleeping bag that is Arctic-Wind-Proof. Try streeting for 7 hours in the cold and accidentally handing out frost-bitten appendages instead of Book of Mormon cards.
Second:  Your story was hilarious. You are hilarious and dare I say very studly. I am glad the dating is going good. A gent huh? Hmm....didn't see it coming. ;)
Love you.
Peter. We started out District meeting with a violent picture book of an overly-aggressive, Christmas-hating, emotional rampant boy. ( Who could have written that?) Elder J. was the narrator. After the meeting we all agreed that you need counseling, but that you have a lot of promise as the future illustrator of " How to Bully in 6 Easy Steps". I love you. Thanks for not drawing something about the amount of kolbász I am eating. You're going to do great things in life.  

Are your chickens doing okay? How are the ladies   ( and by ladies I mean hens....)  Mwahahaha... Alright. Love you. Bye. Enjoy eating goat.

Nathan.  In regards to your latest epistle, I have exactly 7 months left on my mission. Incomprehensible, right? My companion and I laughed at the sick humor of your latest drawing. Good heavens man. So sinister. How is school? I know you have had a lot of snow so I hear you had a lot of days off? Cool. Those are the best. Any cool snow stuff going on? Are you ready to freeze to death?!?!?  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you lots baby.
Also Nate I want you to know that I read your rap to my companion and she thought it was hilarious. I tried to rap it to her but I'm not really a professional rapper. ( Just ended up spitting everywhere.)  think I will have to wait and hear you rap it for me. BUT I LOVE YOU. I think you are great and I think about your bowtie on the daily. I have a cool present for you so....I think that makes up for it right?

Brooke. I cried when I read your letter!!! Are my cows okay?!?! Glad to know you are taking care of them though. Are you ready for Christmas? How much snow is over there and did you make a snow sculpture of me???? If you do, you need to send a picture. Kissy face.
Thomas. Boy so I want to kiss your wonderful missionary face right now, you know like in the sisterly kind of way. ( I have kissed more people on my mission than anyone in my family in my whole life. Not in a weird way. It is just how we say hello here. ) I am so proud of you. I LOVE you. I know you can do it. You don't quit, no sir when Thomas Fowers wants something he gets that thing! ( Say that like a Brit.) Love you man. Let me know how it is going.
Adddggieieieieieieie. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii..........Smoochy poochy, what is going on? Didn't get a letter.....from you. In the package. Hmmmm......Alright, I forgive you. I got you this SWEET PRESENT. Ohhohohho man are you going to love me. How are you feeling about college. I am just pleading that we put off the wedding until I get home. I CANNOT miss it. Okay? Many kisses and good holidays to you.
Carissa. Mud ball.
Shawn. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Sell some cars. Put one in my stocking. Thanks.
Wally. Now Wally. We don't know each other very well, but you would be happy to know that I think of you a lot, let's say even more than my family. Can't wait to meet ya big boy. Give Brooke lots of kisses for me.
What else. OH. Yeah. Satan actually helps Santa Claus here! No elves. No sir, those are overrated. You get the devil to dish out the coals and you got some kids that know how to behave. You also have to sing to Santa Claus or you don't get chocolate. That would explain the Rudolph song. Yeah. Thank you ward mission leader. I can't ever do anything embarrassing without you sending it to the fam. Köszönöm széppen.
Favorite moment this week: We got to meet this gypsy family this week. E. is 19 an she has a 2 year old son. They are so poor but SO happy. We went over and they were all eating little slices of bread with really dirty faces, but when they smile you just love them! They all gathered around and said prayers with us, and just listened to what we said about God. A. was so excited to learn. He's 9. Then A. sat next to me and I helped part his hair and he was laughing the whole time and trying to throw a stuffed animal at my face. You know what I thought to myself? This is where Christ would be. I love them......:))))
I love you all. I hope your apocalypse thing goes great. DON'T forget to write before the power goes off! That is the worst. I love you tons.
( Oh. Also, I spent $150 on Christmas presents. I know it is a lot but I thought, I am only going to be in Hungary once and they are pretty cool! SERIOUSLY, if you will just add up what I owe you so I can pay it back When I get home it would actually make me feel more comfortable about the money situation. )
Well.....YOU all wrote this week! It's a Christmas miracle! I can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces...and Jaaron's.  Hahahahaha. Okay. Sorry, I had to say it.
This week was great. We are going up to Budapest tomorrow for our Christmas Zone training. I would rather not celebrate...for the sole reason of:  I know I will be trunky. Miss you all I think your are great.
So with Skype I don't know the skyping name but you will recognize it when it comes up. I just need to know your skyping name. So yeah......:) Should still be at 7:00.
Alright, This is going to be a wimpy letter too. I am writing you all personally right now.  BAK. Big Approriate Kisses.

Love Sis. Fowers

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