Monday, January 6, 2014

Hungarian Angel


What is going on? I miss you guys SOOO much!

 Three VERY significant things happened this week ( which I thought needed to be mentioned rögtön) 

1. I hate kolbász. 
2. We have a concert on Saturday.
3. I have almost been out here for a WHOLE year. 

Yeah....important huh? I tried to make kolbász and Nokedli the other day and it was after fasting and it HURT. Way too heavy for my tum tum. So, no more. Also, I am also sending you a recording of me singing a Hungarian lullaby that H. ( My grampie) wrote for us to sing. I forgot to tell you all about this, but we thought we were just going to practice for our fireside concert and he brought in a recorder and had us professionally record the songs. It was crazy. Way too much stress went into that. The reason he wrote the song was because I told him that dad like the song " The Prayer" and he wrote a Hungarian script for it about Christ being our Savior. It is beautiful. BUT probably won't send that one. I just about died when he played it at the Christmas Eve program.....gah. 

I am losing so much vocabulary out here! I have to stop and think for 2 minutes every time I forget a word. BUT I am really kicking it with the language. I am trying to learn with every free second. It is so weird to think that a year ago I didn't understand the word: Ima. It is also really weird that you guys don't understand Hungarian. I feel like everyone should now. Basically language learning is crazy! I love it....when I understand it. 

Adrienne: Happy College! I want to know why you was droved by a boy ta' the Idaho? I am so excited for you. Can you talk to me more? I feel like you're too cool for me now. Thanks. A small friend.

I learned so much this week. First I just wanted to say how much I hate being rebuked. It hurts super bad. And yes, it happened this week. I won't say why it happened but it did and it was from someone I love a lot. It was actually not something that I did terribly wrong, or that I hadn't tried to prevent, and it was actually quite justifiable. I was doing a great thing! There was bad communication and so something happened, and I took the hit for it.

First off: Super hard to hear on your mission that you are doing something wrong. If that happens it is probably something you are already working on. Second. When you are responsible for something so immensely important, and so special it hurts to hear that you could have done it better. But anyways I heard this and I was pretty much a mess the rest of the day. I just felt pretty bad and I decided I needed to pray. I was so upset and hurt and angry, and I didn't understand why it happened because it wasn't my fault.  But the answer was so beautiful. I received this beautiful blessing about how the Lord needed to shape me for later callings and that he still loved me. Man. It was great. I just realized that because the Lord loves us he chastens us. 

Yeah. I know you are dying to know what I did...;)

I love you guys. Be safe. Let the Lord chasten you. Feels good. 

Love Sis. Fowers


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