Monday, June 23, 2014

Hold on!

NO! I would love to go to the temple the night after. Sounds GREAT! I would like to go. like REALLY like to go. :) Also, I need to see Adrienne. I don't know when her departure date is but we gotta meet.... :)
So this week's e-mail is going to be short. Pretty much I have to stay focused and I am trying to really give my all. My companion's Grandma died this week it was quite a touching  experience. She got the call. She cried for a minute. She worked.
This work is so true. I wish I could let you all know how much I know it. There is a literal creator who plans, cares for, and comforts us. Obedience is the emblem of our love for him. I am so ready to just give it all over. I am sick of doing things my way. I'm ready for his call. I love this gospel it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love Hungary and I love Budapest.
I gave my departing testimony this week and started off with: "I've never been able to stand up while wake-boarding. " Then I talked about how our missions are like holding onto a rope and being dragged through the water, with our boards dragging at awkward angles. Then you fly off. And you can either try it again or get in the boat.

Sometimes on missions you just gotta grab that rope knowing that you are going to fail but that slowly and surely you are making your way to the dock for a lunch break. THE point is you hold on!

You hold onto that galloping sheep that needs vaccinations, you hold on to the sides of the trailer when your bringing up a load of wood, you hold onto that circle of hands as you cheer, and you hold on to the faith you have found.
I LOVE the gospel. Makes me happy. Should make you happy too.
I know. It was short. But you liked it. :)
Love Sis. Fowers
See ya in 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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