Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nothing cuter than little Huns.

PETER!?!?!?!? WHAT THE????????????????????? WHOAOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOHOHOH! I am so...sob...sob....proud of you. SNIFFLLLLLLe. Way to go little bro!
Also I am super excited to meet our exchange student! He looks SO sweet.

I had the craziest week and it all started in an underground Nazi cave hospital. Crazy huh? It's called Sziklakórház. When Budapest was under attack it was used as a hospital and secret bunker safe. It is right under Buda castle and consists of over a 15 mile long strands of caves ( Don't quote me on that, but I think I am right. ) I saw so many pictures of places that I have tracted that were demolished and had graphic photos of the rebellion and the victims strewn out on the roads we walk everyday. And do you know those sirens you hear in every old wartime movie? We got to sound one! It was made of hand propelled fan that gets louder the harder you push it. It was so eerie. They showed us the operating rooms and we all already know how scary hospitals can be. Now picture it underground. I saw pictures of a public hanging, and so many buildings I recognized! Seriously the buildings I tract here are just covered up with new paint. One thing that will be weird when I am in America is the fact that there won't be chunks missing from the buildings. I will show you pictures when we get home. Then today I went to the Parliment building. It's the huge temple structure on the Danube. ( I think it is in my Profile picture on facebook.)

 It was amazing but the most amazing part was walking along the Duna. There is a place on the road by the Duna that just drops off into the water.  Cemented to the edge are about 70 pairs of metal shoes. This is where the German crossfire squad lined up Jews, had them take off their shoes, and fired them into a watery grave. It was such a sacred place. There were little baby boy shoes that someone had stuffed with flowers.  Beautiful memorial. Sometimes I forget that I live in the coolest place ever. We were streeting a long the Duna last week and we could see all of the government houses, all of the steeples, the hills with their statue of liberty. It was beautiful. Sigh........

This week was GREAT! J. is doing SO GOOD! ( He's our little mexican baby. I love him. I need to learn how to say a spanish prayer for his baptism. B. is doing SO GOOD! He has to go to another ward but he is set on being baptized on the 28th....meglátjuk! We love them so MUCH! Both of them are on Baptimal date and they are going to do it by golly! Also, I looked at my calander and we have a baptism scheduled every Saturday of July!?!?! Blessings...Um yeah!

Let me tell you about little K. He is a very tall, very kind, very crippled older gentlemen. His baptism was last Saturday and it changed my life. He has Parkinson's disease and so he shakes, and he has very little control of his movements, he wears a boot that is 5 inches tall on his left foot because his muscles don't know how to open his foot. For the program, the elders sang and played the guitar to a primary song and he clapped afterwards. When it came to the baptism the elder had to carry him into the water. You could tell he was nervous but after about 10 minutes of getting him situated he was baptized. I don't know how to explain it to you all but it was beautiful. Afterwards a little group of girls came up and kissed him and gave him handshakes. It was the most beautiful baptism. I wanted to cry like a little baby. His faith was SO great! His heart is so pure. I am so grateful to be here with so many people like that.

I am so excited to come home and be a missionary! I love forgetting myself and just doing the work and loving. I hope I never lose these feelings. I love you all the Church is the church of Jesus Christ. I love it.

I love you all I will see you so soon. I just had a little Hungarian girl tell me how old she was PRECIOUS! Nothing cuter than little huns.

Okay. Much Love Sis. Fowers

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