Friday, August 23, 2013

I think Heavenly Father plugs my ears...

THEY are so cute! Ahhhh man........ Adorable.

Man, Mom. We have to figure something out. Your reception was stinking cute though. You are so organizedly talented.

Alright, what to tell you all about.  This week was super great, and super the same. I smiled super hard at everyone we tracted, it was my goal for the week. My companion and I have this ongoing joke about my inability to understand when someone is insulting us. Sometimes I really cannot understand anything these people say-it is interesting, sometimes I can understand everything and then other times I can't understand anything. So my companion and I were talking to this old man and the conversation was going for a really long time and I just kept telling him about our message. My companion kept giving me weird looks while I was testifying. Little did I know the whole time he was insulting us and I was going on about why we needed prophets. He even insulted her at one point and right after that I started to tell him about the Plan of Salvation or something. hahahaha. When the converstaion ended my companion was pretty much fuming with rage  and I thought he was ready for baptism. SO FUNNY. I did give him a Restoration pamphlet though. One day he is gonna change.

 I think Heavenly Father plugs my ears when people say things like that. He is looking out for me. I am so grateful for him. We also tracted into this house where the Lady peeped her head out the window and told us we were a cult and that she didn't want to see our faces and to get out of her area. I didn't understand that either and just really smiley said Thanks so much, have a great day! I think she was a little taken back. Maybe it changed her view of us. Who knows. The point is, I love people. I am developing this incredible love for everybody.

We got let into 2 houses this week. One was this super old Nani who basically gave us cookies and told us she was going to die in her religion. The other gave me a stained glass picture of a monkey eating a banana. Yeah, I rolled in the goods this week. I honestly did try to share my testimony with them both, but we do not think they will want to meet again. That is okay, at least I have a happy monkey. I am calling him Béla. He is a cutie.

We did lots of tracting and lots of streeting. 20 hours of finding this week Crazy huh? Would have been more but we had Zone conference.  Yeah. Boldog vagyok.  I have to tell you about Sportsz Nap though!
So every week on Friday they have all the Single adults get together and play soccer and we take our investigators and then play SOCCER. You cannot imagine how excited I was for this night. We had this 17 year old boy, Z. from Angolóra that wanted to come so we could go!

We got there and it was the Elders, Z.( our missionary leader), Á. ( new convert), C.( The Elder's investigator, and also plays goalie for a team here in Hungary) And M. a member. We were the first sisters in forever so they let us choose teams. It was SO fun. I ended up switching teams because the other team was losing, and the other team was getting super cocky. So we start just encouraging each other and then we were on FIRE. I think on the mission your skills are amplified. I scored 4 times on C. and I stole the ball from these huge players everytime they dribbled down the field! Then I had an open break straight up the field and I could hear Elder B. gaining and he goes past to steal the ball, he gets it and then I take it right back and he goes flying! I mean like does 3 flips on the ground. All the Hungarians and Elders were like: WHOOOAH SISTER FOWERS. ( Then I used my strength to rip my blouse....that is a quote from Nacho Libre by the way.) It was way cool. It was super cool and now all the men in the ward fear me. Hahaha. The only bad part is after the game they were all in love with me. I had to restrain a few of them from giving hugs or sticking my head in their armpits and I got asked on a date by Z.- the awkwardness of the life of a nun.

BUT I love SPORTSZ NAP. Too bad we can't go this week :( We have a meeting.
hanks for letting me brag. You can delete that after you read it in a church talk or something ;)

Also, I packed a stick of Kolbász for my hike today. NOOOOOOO. I am becoming a Hungarian. Seriously, though. All the jokes in my district revolve around my consumption of the tubed delight. Not my fault though. The Elders in the apartment before us left like 5 sticks in the freezer. What was I supposed to do with all that packaged goodness? I do not have money so I just use it to flavor stuff. It may have gotten to the point where everyone is calling me a kolbász fiend- but I am not going to openly admit that. ( And don't tell Jaaron, he make some saucy remark about my weight.)
And yes....we went on a 6 mile hike today. Nothing like taking your P-day to do the same thing you do every other day. Walk. Thank you Ward Missionary who planned it and decided to bring a date on it. Lemon juice, and paper cuts.

(Alright. Things are so good here. I am a little tired of being Missionary mom. I do not like being the one that always tracts the time or is always the one people have to beg to do something they know is not missionary appropriate. They should know. I am struggling with that a little bit. I cannot afford to be disobedient though. I am here representing my family and the Lord. I need to find people. I need to be ready when the Lord is ready to give me people. I am trying, I am finding out a lot about compromise and trying to not cause contention. It is interesting, this missionary life. But I feel like I am learning alot about marriage....weird huh? I have decided I cannot change people. I can inspire, but not change. That is why I have to marry someone that is right beside me.

I love you all so much. I love the fact that you all love me too. That is great. A mutual love. Alright, I will be here working. Keep up the work at home too. I love Jesus Christ and I love Heavenly Father.

How was the party Jaaron? ( Wink, wink)

Sorry I have not replied to you all. Brooke babe, I love you. Adrienne. I think you are fancy.  Peter you are saucy. Carissa you look ravishing in puce. Nathan, I just love ya boy. Jaaron, Don't read this whole letter, you will think less of me. Mom you are just amazing and you know how to do everything. Dad, you would appreciate all the times I brag about you here and also how charitable you are to stray animals.

Love Sister Fowers

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