Monday, August 5, 2013

"Come to the edge," said Heaven...

Wow. This week was crazy.

The wedding pictures are ADORABLE. I miss you all so much! You are so beautiful and just good people. I really like being in this family. Thanks mom and dad.

So, here I am in Veszpr√©m. We got here Wednesday night. It was the most beautiful train ride! I never knew Hungary was this beautiful! There were fields and fields of sunflowers ( yeah, I died) , hay bays in golden fields, and the most beautiful hills with rock faces on just one side. It was unbelievable. I wish I could describe it better. Then we got here. You know those little European cities you see in the movies? The ones with little streets of cobblestone, and lots of hills, outside restraunts ( Forgot how to spell that.), and so many Catholic temples.  From our window you can see all of the church spires, and the mountains in the distance. It is a dream. The Balaton-or Hungarian sea is really close so there tons of tourists and the prettiest sculptures.

I took pictures but I can't send them because I do not have my cord with me. Our apartment is sooooo nice. I have never been in a nicer place here. It is the pent house of a building no one lives in. it has a see through floor, a jet bath, and workout equipment. ( AND A WORKING OVEN!) It is incredible. There is AC too. It used to be the Elders apartment. :)

So we got here and the Elders have no investigators for us. The Area Book was a mess. You know what that means? Finding 24/7. I am tanner than a cowhide right now. We sweat and find, and find and sweat. We get home exhausted. My feet look like hobbit feet- I could probably could go without  shoes and be okay. It is hard work. I have never been more grateful for Church.

Finding has not been very successful, people are really hard to talk to here. You say missionary and they completely close up. The ones that talk to you are super Catholic. It makes finding pretty difficult. I am so excited to be here though. Now that we are both Senior companions we get to set the expectations for the other sisters coming in.

We follow all rules and I am trying my hardest to give my all to the Lord. Which is a lot harder than I originally thought. Still making mistakes and nowhere near perfect but I am trying.

There is this other poem I memorized, super short:

"Come to the edge." Said Heaven
I said, " No. I will fall."
"Come to the edge." Said Heaven
I said, " No. I will fall."
"Come to the edge. " Said Heaven
I came to the edge. Heaven pushed me.

I think in order for us to experience miracles we have to decide to come to that edge, we have to push ourselves even when things get hard. When we are already on the ground and asked to give more still- that is when the Lord steps into the fight. We cannot experience those miracles without putting all our trust in the Lord. We turn our cheeks and push forward.

This week has been rough. I just really want to share this message. It just seems like no one wants to listen, and I do not think people can understand me. BUT the Lord is leading us. I trust in him, and he is coming. I am on my knees all the time because there really is only one person that can help. I read this incredible talk on The Challenging and Testifying Missionary, it basically talked about how we are here to bring people to Christ and how we can testify to help people recognize the spirit. It is so good. It is by Pres. Alvin something...Can't remember-you should try to look it up.  Basically says that there is one talent a missionary has: To teach with the Spirit. Any other way is contrary to God's will. It is so hard to do that! I always am trying to do it on my own-it just does not work! I am praying to find a way for the Lord to work with my stubborn, little heart.

I just wanted to say that I think anyone that is going to serve a mission or who is praying about it is about to be blessed beyond anything they could have imagined. What a privilege it is to come this close to Heavenly Father.

Funny story. I met a Muslim on the side of the road (Who spoke English, thank goodness!) who said he would be interested in meeting. So we decided we would meet at that corner at 7:00 that night. Well, when we got there that night, he was all dressed up. He thought he was taking us on a date night. Awkward. Then when we got to the cafe I pulled out a Book of Mormon and was showing him the picture of Christ and told him that he was the Son of God- and he very bluntly said, " That is completely not true." He then told us all about his religion. At the end he challenged us to read the Koran. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. At least we got free ice-cream.  ( Oh, and he said he would like to visit me in Missouri sometime.)

Needless to say, not a new investigator.

Anyways. This is super weird. I am in an internet cafe and they have music playing. Real world music. Weird.
Also, Jaaron. I would like to get you one, but unfortunately I haven' been able to find them here.....Maybe I can look. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE!

I love you all. I loved the pictures. Keep up the missionary work out there! I miss you all so much.

Love Sis. Fowers


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