Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey little girl, have a drink...


Alright. That is a dang, cute reception! Who came? Can I not hold mine in church. I want one on our front lawn.....Please. I love the ice-cream/cookie idea. Stinking cute.
Flood? What? That is crazy. Good thing we built our house upon a rock- or at least higher up. I would prefer the flooding to drought though. The weather here has only been 106 F, so no big deal. I am nagyon píros ( super red). The other day the weather cooled down a lot though. We are the only companionship in the mission with AC. tehe.

Did everyone read about our incredible brother, Elder Fowers? I love him. Glad he's ours now.

I heard a saying this week that I can relate to.
American missionaries learn how to teach,
South Americans and African missionaries get the converts,
and Hungarian missionaries get humbled. HAHAHAHA.

Not true but felt like it this week. We lost our only investigator. We are still streeting and tracting a TON.
The Elders left us a few people to teach though....

One  of them was an older man that was drunk when we went over. He told us to come on in, and we just asked if someone else was home and he started to get really mad that we didn't trust him, so he went over to his neighbors house ( she was also supposed to meet with us the next day) bangs on her door and tells her the missionaries are here. She screams she doesn't want to meet and in the mean time he is trying to convince us his hands are clean. Then he went into his house to get something and we booked it out of the apartment. hahahahahahaha.....Thank you Elders. Also, the other man they were meeting with was set on making us drink alcohol, and he started crying when we didn't accept his "gift". He was 78 or so. He said he couldn't hear our high voices so we should just listen to him. Maybe not. We haven't been back since. He was super nice, just probably can't teach him.

We also got to go up to Buda for Interviews with president. A member drove us up- and might I add- just about killed us. We got to drive through these huge open fields. It was a 2 hour drive so I just imagined being in Missouri and taking a drive out in the country. Hungary and Missouri look pretty similar in the country areas. I miss good ole' MO.

I have learned so much this week. I have asked to Lord to try and teach me how to teach. He definitely did. I was in a lesson with this lady that we planned on committing to baptize ( Yes, this is also the one that recently dropped us.) I kept trying to analyze when I should commit her and to find the perfect lead in. During this little analyzation I wasn't listening as well as I could have been to the investigator and to the Spirit. We were coming to the end and I was getting ready to ask, I didn't feel like it was a good time, but we were about to leave and I had just read a talk about always asking people to be baptized so I thought I should just do it. I wanted to do it. Then I tried to open my mouth and nothing came out. Nothing. I could not form a single word. I spit out a few phrases but she could not understand and I couldn't either. IT was humbling. I got out of the lesson and was trying to figure out what happened. I felt rebuked. And honestly that is what happened. I was laying on my bed at night trying to think what went wrong and I remembered I had asked the Lord to make me a better teacher. He had silenced me in the moment I had ceased to be one. I have never been so grateful for the Lord's rebuking. I have realized that my plans and my desires for these people are only accomplished when aligned with the Lords. Amazing, huh?

I am changing so much! I cannot believe it. I would normally die if someone tried to rebuke or correct me. Now I just shoulder it and learn from it. It is changing everything. I am learning so much about myself. I would normally not be very bold with people, but I really turned this guy down when he offered us some alcohol, I tell people when something is wrong, and I express my opinions, and I do what is right. I am learning to be true to myself. I have never felt like a powerful person. I just feel like down here on my knees I am watching the Lord create this person I didn't know could exist. I love her! She is great! She is everything I ever wanted to be! I can't wait to see what he does with her next!

I was talking to my companion about this but I think as people we try to build these really impressive outward appearances and inside we are just these people who are afraid of who they are because they might not be perfectly acceptable to others. It is amazing to know that we can build off of what the Lord thinks of us. Man. This is great. You guys have to try this. 

OH! And Carissa. They have called this girl here as the missionary nurse. She turned in her papers and included the fact that she was a nurse. She still does normal missionary things, but if anybody needs anything they call her up. So.....yeah...........

What else? Oh, oh, OH! I am understanding people better! The people here have a really hard time understanding me. Humbling. BUT getting better.

We had a baptism here. The Elders have this super sweet old lady, Gizi Nani who got baptized on Saturday. We do not have fonts in the churches here. So we went to a nearby hotel and baptized her there. It was in a jacuzzi. Yeah, I know. Super Jealous vagyok. I can't wait to talk to you all in December!
We also visited the castle here in Veszprém last Monday. It is so gorgeous! I took a ton a pictures. There is this giant sculpture of a king and queen that look out over all of Veszprém. There is a huge rock ridge in the middle of the city with a crucifix on it, and you can see the mountains in the distance. So beautiful. This is going to be a 5 week transfer so I do not know how long I will stay will be hard to go back to the big cities. COUNTRY GIRL. Missing it.

I also found out that July 24th is probably the good ole' release date.

HAPPY 200 days on my mission!

Alright, cool. Well today, we are going to spend with the elders getting foot massages. Apparently one of the member at church gives all missionaries free membership. It is all electronic, don't worry  nobody will be touching my perfectly preserved missionary feet.

I love you all. I think we have reached that point where even the strongest writers are dropping off. That's okay. Those that endure will receive the just deserves.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAARON! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT. YOU CAN DATE? That is scary. Good thing we don't have to worry about that factor of you turning 16, though. Hahaha. Alright, kidding. Be a gentlemen and don't forget to tape the Strength of Youth standards to the dashboard of whatever car you drive. ( Girls will be impressed.) Hey love you. Glad I could know you. Also, glad you wrote last week. Also, glad that you are still alive. kinda. Stay sassy. Love ad

Alright. it is time............We are going to FIND PEOPLE THIS WEEK.!!!!!! WHOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Fowers

P.S. I am sending a picture of all the kids that chased us to our apartment in Kispest. Jozséf, Bogi, and Roli. Hungarian to love them. My favorite, Bóglárka.

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