Monday, January 27, 2014

Miracles in Sopron

Family this week was incredible. People have been praying because I am seeing SO many miracles. This was probably the best week of my mission.
On Monday we met with the most Hungarian man I have ever met. We walk to his house and when we ring the doorbell I just hear this clunking sound, and our 6' 5" 50 year old investigator comes out wearing size 12 wooden clogs on his feet. I love him. He has this beautiful Hungarian dog called an Agár. They almost went extinct when the Russians came, they would just shoot them. To the Hungarians they are not even considered a dog. They look like a grey hound just larger! This one is completely black and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
They use the dogs for hunting and what the dog will do is chase the deer until it gets tired and then bite at the deer's neck at just the right place and the deer will veer and fall on it's neck at just the right angle and snap it. Wow. You should have heard G. talking about it. He said he is getting me one. I am so excited.
Miracle 1.

G. is pretty incredible. He is BRILLIANT. He is a famous author and knows several languages.  He grew up in the monastery.   He was a foreign exchange student and he lived at a members house for a long time and he said he knew that the Mormons were going to find him again. He just had a feeling. ( You should have seen him when we streeted him ....absolutely hilarious.) He is so prepared.
Miracle 2.
Freak referral, that came out of NOWHERE. He basically grew up on the street and was doing drugs his whole life. We got the number and then he actually called us. Said he needed to meet that day and he had a feeling this was the direction for him. We met and he told us his whole story and how he was ready for change, he hasn't done drugs for a year and he goes to a anonymous group for help. He said he needs to find faith and he has been looking everywhere. Then he was like, "Start teaching, just tell me what I need to do!" We taught him to pray and he said his first prayer. In the middle of the prayer he stopped and said, "I am just trying to know what to say the you." It was such a beautiful prayer. At the end he looked up and said that he felt so good. He is so excited to keep meeting with us. ( He called us the other day and said it was working! He was praying just like we told him and he got a job!)
Miracle 3.
The family. We met this lady on the street that was in jail with a member in our area before and she taught her the gospel and how families can be sealed! She met with us and we invited her to church and she said that her 4 kids were going to come to. I didn't really think it would happen. We were sitting there in sacrament meeting and the door opens and in walks this adorable family! The ward was ecstatic! After church everyone just fawned over them. The mom then told us in class that this is where her kids needed to be. She has children 12, 10, 9, and  8, and the most adorable little red head, A. he is 2. We went over to the B. for dinner and Sis. B. almost died that there were kids in her house again. It was so special. We found out though that her kids are in the orphanage right now, because she may be on parole. It's okay though. She is incredible and ready to change her life.
Miracle 4.
We went to this old antique shop  and met the cutest old man, A. We just talked a little bit and then left him a card and WHO was sitting on the back row of church yesterday????? A.!!!!!!!!!
Miracle 5.
We got standard. Not saying it to brag merely to make a point that WE ARE OPENING and the Lord is totally blessing this area. This NEVER happens. When I was in Veszprém we had 0 investigators for 5 weeks and we already have 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously we have been so blessed. These people are so prepared.

Miracle 6.
We were cleaning the branch house and the president of the ward came in and saw and started to help!!!! Then he put up all the beautiful paintings of Christ and we talked to him about helping him here in Sopron. It was a PMG moment. He trusts us !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOAH. First step.

Alright bullets because I don't have time:
1. Got yelled at by an American. That hurt.
2. Gave a talk in church.
3. Translated relief society lesson.
4. Played prelude for church.
5. Lead the music for church.
6. Living on $6 this week.
7. I am working out like a beast. 6 months to be beautiful again!

Alright. I love you all.


( Alright, second guess Peru. Chile. And Jamaica.) That was a guess from each of my fellow missionaries.

GO ADGIE!!!!!!!!!
Love Sis. Fowers

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