Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little Red and the numbers game.

WHOAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! You guys are so great!!! I cried, laughed, and almost wet my pants....Or skirt. ( I had a liter of herbal tea this morning....) 

Video Adley is referring to.  Fowers' Family Apocalypse Christmas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SANdb-x7VQ

I am super glad you liked the song! I didn't think you guys would like it so much?! We had our concert and it was WONDERFUL. Our mission leader recorded the whole thing! I give a little talk in Hungarian and we sing a few songs. I even have a little solo. It will be on Youtube. He is just fixing it up. Hope you like it. 

Well. It is transfer day....and I am. Leaving. I am going to bawl like a little baby tonight. I love these people. 

I am going to open ANOTHER city! No sisters have been there... but everyone wants to because it is the prettiest city in Hungary. It is called the faithful valley because they chose to stay in Hungary when they had a choice to split into Austria. I am getting a younger missionary who I have already met and I think it will be a good transfer. Tons of finding time though. I am pretty stoked. It is right on the border of Austria...and I was informed just recently that it is where all the Hungarians honeymoon. Eternal marriage anyone? Look it up, it's called Sopron.

Well. This week was INCREDIBLE and I learned so much. I wanted to send a ton of pictures of my life so I think I will. I will just be a shorter email. 

This week we really wanted to get Super Standard. It is this level of missionary work where you receive a certain amount of lessons taught, working hours, syl's, rcla's, and finding hours. We just wanted to see if it was possible and since it was the last week for one of us, we wanted to give Kecskemét the best we could. We had everything all planned out. Then we worked and worked and worked. We got Super Standard! It was great! We had 7 investigators at church, 21 lessons taught, and 35 working hours. Not saying that to brag, rather to make a point. So, I sat down on Sunday with my compie, and was talking to her about how well we did and how I thought she was great! One big celebration. I looked over to my comp who was suddenly very quiet, and was surprised to see that she was crying! I was a little confused, and I asked her what was going on and she said, " It's not about the numbers, I am sick and tired of them. I didn't come here for numbers." 

Wow. I suddenly was remembering the goal boxes we were making and filling out every night, the e-mail that gets sent out with all the numbers written on it and the highlighting of certain standards made by certain companionships, the call we were going to get from the mission president's wife telling us that we were fantastic missionaries. What was that worth?

Then my mind was thinking about Á. Whom the night before we told her she was a child of God. I was thinking of our three little gypsy kids that walk with us to church, the littlest riding on my shoulders because his feet are too small to keep up. I was thinking about our little Hungarian grandpa who dances and whistles when we ask him to. I was thinking of S. and T. who came to church for the first time together and were holding hands the whole time. A., who still doesn't understand why we needed the Restoration. There's Z. who bore her testimony the other day of being able to feel loved after coming back. There is this dear sweet, old, E. that goes to programs with us and is scared of the dark so we have to walk her back home. There is M. whose whole family left her when she got sick and told us she felt peace for 2 days after we first taught her.

I could go on.

 Don't get me wrong. We taught with our hearts last week. We worked so hard, and in the end what mattered? Well whatever it was, it wasn't on paper.

We kneeled together after that, really close and told Heavenly Father how we felt. It was a tearful prayer. We prayed for each other and we prayed for those we loved. It was beautiful. I sat on our balcony last night and just thought how infinitely small I am. Just a number. It was just so clear to me that THE only thing in this life worth working for is love. Without it, I am nothing. It is so powerful!   God give me the strength I need to love every soul I meet. 

Alrighty. Here come the pictures. I love you guys!!! Wish me luck. It is going to be a long week.

Love Sis. Fowers

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