Friday, May 24, 2013

Just a little off the top...

I think. My family. Is.............CRAZY.

Why is everyone holding large reptiles and where can I get me one of those? Actually, I know where. I found a dead snake streeting the other day, I just lacked the desire to pick it up and rope it around my neck like some of my closer relatives.

Hey, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADGIE-POO! I can't believe you are 18!?! Time is going by so fast, pretty soon you'll be out of your pampers and stepping into the denim of adulthood. I love you.
This last week was incredible! It is my 2 month anniversary on Thursday! Also, Carissa I got the package. I am trying to memorize a quote a day from the book because I love it so much. Also, I told Grandma you failed to send the package to the MTC...expect a call from her later. Now what to start with:
Oh here is something everyone should have the common sense to already know. IF you don't know the langauge- DO NOT get a haircut. Yep. I did it. I asked one of the members, Z. to cut my hair, just a little trim, maybe a little longer in front and she said we could come back on Wednesday and cut it for me. Well we came back and my companion was exhausted so when it was my turn to get my haircut my companion was falling asleep on the waiting chair.I didn't want to wake her up and I was feeling dangerously confident.I thought "all I really have to do is point and she'll get it." Wrong. First cut. 6 inches. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Now I don't have to get a haircut for the rest of my time here in Hungary! Isn't that GREAT? Lesson learned. SO now chin-length hair, and no more pony tails. What am I going to do with myself?

Oh and guess what? M. IS GETTING BAPTIZED! We are going to pick the date this week, when she finds out her mom's schedule. Then her and M. can get married and live happily ever after.  We are super excited for her.

I am starting Yoga, super fun, and I just cleaned the apartment. Mom would you mind sending me some recipes for some healthy dinner foods....we have been eating pizza and palancsinta's for the last 5 weeks.  Today we have 2 lessons, and we just found out one of our investigators is pregnant!!!!
Yesterday we went streeting with the Elders, each companionship would street every other person. It was super fun and afterwards we celebrated the numbers and finds we recieved with some Jáko Czukárdo- fagyi or ice cream. 

A few nights ago my companion and I were kind of having a rough night. We were tracting a building and it seemed like everyone in that building was absolutely against accepting Christ. We finally were able to start talking to a lady who had let us in the apartment. We sat on the stairs and  told her about God and how we are his children and that he had a plan for us. After a while, she told us she had never seen God's help and then said that was it. She would not believe. She got up and slammed her door. Needless to say it was pretty upsetting. We went home feeling not-so-great. It is hard to see people reject your best friend, and that is what he is to us. When we need him, he is there. When we need comfort, he offers it. When you feel like you can't get up again he extends the hand. When the work isn't going so great he understands. I read this scripture in Alma that I thought was just incredible. It is when Alma and the sons of Mosiah are preaching to the Zoramites and the teaching is not going so well-  it says " That they did not suffer, or that which they did suffer was swallowed up in the Joy of Chirst." Beautiful. Right? It doesn't mean we can't be sad or that we always have to wear a smile. It just means that WHATEVER the unpleasant experience it is swallowed up by the Joy of Christ and that we ALWAYS have a reason to hope. You know I have been thinking a lot about how our world is changing, and the fear that is growing about the future. You know what we need? Hope. We need the hope that comes when we trust in the all powerful, ever present hand of the Creator. There is no darkness that is impenetrable. There is no unrighteousness that cannot be purged. There is no injustice that will not be consequenced. NO matter what power of darkness is apparent it CANNOT, and WILL NOT last. We know who is winning this fight. Now all we have to do is figure out where our loyalty lies.

There have been lots of lightening storms here lately. I get to sit up on the 9th floor and watch the lightning dance over the city. It is beautiful. It really reminds you who really is in charge.

I wrote everyone and I am sending the letters. Apparently it is only supposed to take a little over a week for the mail to get to I hope you get it soon. I have to go. BUT I LOVE EVERYONE. I only have a year and two months left. Crazy. Time is flyin!  Hold on to the seat of your pants- life is crazy.

Love Sis. Fowers

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  1. Sounds like she's doing great! I really like the insight about how suffering is "swallowed up" in Christ. It's so true and it helps to remember for the rest of your life! Cool!