Monday, May 27, 2013

I just want to stuff their little hearts with the gospel!

My Dearest, Beautiful Family!

It is the BEST DAY EVER, because I got all of your letters and I think all of you are all hilarious. Let's go first to Peter's letter.....

Peter. You are 13, 14 ( How old are you?) Simmer down boy!  Ya aint gonna git a gurl until afdur da mission.  Also, for your information I do enjoy eating bacon in the dark, with scantily clad strangers. 

Nathan! I want to see your head so BADLY! Can you send a picture of your baldness? Also I am sending you a set of Hungarian coins today!  I do not know when they will get there though? How was the living museum? Try to keep Pete away from girls...which should be no problem as you are far more handsome. :} 

Brooke. I sent you some letters and some love. I also sent you a surprise. I cannot wait to get another letter! Thanks so much for taking care of Catniss. I love you so much baby!

Dad. If you lay one paw on my precious feline, I will forever fill your lands with the strays of good ole' MO. Alright, but seriously please don't  kill her. She's just a harmless little, fluffy, puffy, furball that doesn't know better. Did you get my letter last week?  Mit csÍnalsz ebben ez életedben?  What are you doing with your life? Love you tons!

Adrienne. You know how I feel about you and your letters...and the picture.

Tommy-boy, you look sweet in your suit and I like the pink carnation.  Congrats on graduating. I am excited for you man. 

Sissa. DID YOU PASS? I AM SO PROUD IF YOU DID!!!!!!!! My sister. A nurse. A calling in life that requires the cerebral hemishpere of the noodle nogan to expand in almost a concusionous way and the permeable membrane around the pulsating heart to tumorously enlarge in the care of others. Yeah. I took a few anatomy classes myself.

Mom. What can one say to another that has so profoundly changed their course of life? I think you are the greatest. Thanks for the recipes I will carefully review and send the selected few. Köszönöm szépen! I really do not hate my hair, it is super convenient now that it is starting to get hot. Unfortunately today was way colder and it rained on the way to the library. I'm soaked! It has been a great week though, I can't complain.

There is so much to write about. Last week was wonderful but we have been having a pretty rough time with our investigators. Only one progressing investigator left. Good news though! M. and M. are getting MARRIED JULY 13!!! She is getting baptized June 15! We are so happy for her! She is really starting to taste the joy that comes from being in church and from living a lifestyle that mirrors the Savior's. She still has so much to overcome, but this is going to bless her life so much. We love her. I wish you all could meet her.

We wanted to visit KM. this week, we are not dropping her. We know she still wants this and she is trying. So, we went over there on Wednesday and something was off. Little KM. fits exactly the definition of a tough bird. She has been through a lot, and holds up her head high and squares up when the hard times roll in.  She sits in her little red chair and takes what life gives her, and she does it without hesitating. When we visited last week though, something was wrong. Her cropped white hair was unsettled, her bad right eye and her penetrating left evidenced the lack of sleep and were red and puffy. She invited us in and we sat down. We asked her how she was doing and she told us her daughter had a stroke.  She was waiting for the telephone call to figure out what is going on and was wearing worn brown shoes tied in hurried knots in case she should receive a call about her daughters worsening condition. She hasn't had much sleep and her heart has been hurting her recently. We are very worried; we gave her a message of peace and prayed with her. We haven't heard anything since. We go back next week, so we will see. 

Then we met with É. She is an older lady we met on the street, who told us about her daughter and how her daughter was gone now. She was interested in meeting, but we couldn't get a hold of her for quite some time.  She told us she had met with the missionaries before, and that she adored them.  She also told us that she had stopped meeting with them and that a few years ago her daughter was murdered.   She had a picture of her daughter on her desk and then proceeded to show us the picture of the young man that committed the murder.  She then turned to us and asked if she needed to forgive him? I have never and probably will never be able to consider accurately the position this woman is in. I cannot imagine the pain that she has felt from this, or will continue to feel. How can we tell someone to forgive when we have never felt what they now feel? It was beautiful to testify to her that "Yes, she needed to forgive" and that" no she was not alone." It was such a beautiful message to give. I am seeing more and more how inadequate and how completely imperfect I am for this call. I am so grateful I do not need to be, I just need to be willing to accept the help from an all-powerful source. 

My third story is similar, but maybe not as extreme. Another investigator, very promising and just wanting more than anything to know about this message, texted us and told us that she is having problems and that she does not know when or if we can ever meet again. 

I cannot accurately express the love I have for each one of them, so I am not going to try-but I want to make a point.
This gospel is for those people that need comfort. It is a message of peace and hope and honestly we all need more of that. Whether it is our dear old KM, the painful separation of a loved one, or any problem this life presents I promise this gospel is the answer! They all want so badly to find peace, we all do.

 I want to just stuff their little hearts with the gospel, I want to give them the happiness I feel, I want them to see what I see. I want to share my family with them all and let them feel the love that comes from eternal, unbreakable bonds. But I can't. It is heartbreaking. I know I have already talked about the scripture of Christ entering Jerusalem, and exclaiming, " Oh, if only you knew what belonged to your peace,"  to a people who did not understand his mission. We have to help people understand why we need Christ, what he did for us, and how to use that gift. 

 Oh, if only you knew KM. the power we can borrow from our brother and Savior!  Oh, if only you knew E. the power that breaks the bands of death! Oh, if only you knew the solution to any and all problems is contained in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!  IT is incredible to be out here and to see this. Every day feels normal. I don't always make my bed, I am nowhere close to speaking this language, I do not have a perfect knowledge of the gospel, and most times I am just a quiet witness of people changing. That is probably the greatest miracle. 

I love this gospel. I love Jesus Christ. 

Love Sis. Fowers

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