Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 1 MTC


Mom, sorry I didn't write a lot last week. I had just spent 4 hours hand-writing letters. Typical Sister Fower's timing planning. I just want to thank you and dad so much for all you have done for me! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys and I love you, and miss you but I am staying focused.  I am going to try to teach others what you have taught me. Mom what you taught me about teaching is ABSOLUTELY imperative. I feel like I have an unfair advantage!

The MTC is incredible! I love it. Adrienne and Thomas, be prepared to study your buns off. If you think BYU independent study is hard try sitting in class all day EVERY day.

 I have never been so scared in my life when we got to the MTC! I almost ran, and that is not an exaggeration. Carissa thought it would be a good idea 10 minutes before I was supposed to be at the MTC to get our pictures taken at the mall. She seriously made me and I was scared out of my pants I was going to be late.

 Magyarul is such a szep language! ( Hungarian-Pretty). We have already taught multiple lessons to our investigator Zsofi, and she committed to baptism. She's not really an investigator but it really feels like you are teaching one. The first lesson we taught was beautiful, we could barely say our testimony but the spirit spoke through us and it was beautiful.

We have devotionals every Tuesday and this week, Elder Clarke from the 70 came and talked. He was great. I am so grateful to be out here on a mission and forgetting myself and serving the Lord. I am currently working on 4 attributes: Charity, humility, happiness, and confidence. I have been studying in the scriptures about Christ and his disciples and taking upon myself Christ' s burden which is supposed to be pretty light. I have put away all but 4 outfits, I only read mail on p-day and I am working my hardest to focus all my might on Christ, and do you know what? I am forgetting myself?? I feel beautiful because Christ thinks I am beautiful, and I am able to communicate with people in a way I have never been able to before. It's incredible. The Lord is blessing me so much! ( let me just point out right now, that I have enough to wear clean things to wear everyday :)

I'm molting. Utah is so dry.....I met a Canadian Sister Fisher. We lotion our faces together.

I went to the temple this morning and EVERY initiatory proxy I did was for Hungarian sisters! It was incredible. I love the temple. Elder Lazaro and Sister Lundt are here from my Provo ward and they are just incredible.

Word of Advice to the boys; NEVER WEAR COLOGNE IN THE MTC. It is the funniest thing in the world. The sisters follow them, hordes of them. HORDES.

We watched the Testaments- you know the movie on the America's where Christ comes? That movie is WAY too mushy to watch in the MTC.

I have to teach Adam tonight, he is a shy, divorced, Catholic interested in our message. I have worked on the restoration lesson in Magyarul ALL WEEK. I hope it goes well.

I play volleyball and basketball every gym period. SO FUN. Sister M. my companion is sweet at basketball! I don't know what happened the other day but I SCHOOLED her.

Carissa I love you sorry I didn't write last week. I am developing carpal tunnel syndrome in right hand.......too weak.

(Congrats sheep and goats on the new babies, Peter that was the most disturbing letter I have ever had the privilege of reading.)

Fowers nover

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