Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 5 MTC

Cziastok! Hogy vagytok?

How are you all?!?!?? This week was so wonderful. EVERY WEEK HERE IS GREAT. I can't wait to teach here. So first thing is first. We found out that there is no word for fun in Magyarol?!?! Crazy, huh? Tell Sam that, I am sure he will find that amusing. I got so many letters this week that everyone here actually thought people loved me!?!? Haha. Alright, everyone's pretty good about writing...except Carissa. Watch that one. Seriously though, Whenever I go to work out she is always creeping along the bush line by the walls of the MTC. Pretty shady stuff. I think she is developing a hump.
We need:

Alright, Great news!!!! NO MORE LANGUAGE LESSONS! It's all review now! We are fluent! Isn't that great! Definitely not true but we are just reviewing. THERE ARE SO MANY ENDINGS TO THESE WORDS. It's insane. Some examples: nek, nak, tok, tek, tatok, tetek, jatok, jeitok, jaitok, nia, nie, juk, juk with an accent. Basically it sounds like you are a clock most of the time. BUT I LOVE THIS LANGUAGE. It really is pretty. I can't wait to talk to you on the day I leave! You are going to love it! I am going to love it.  So anyways everyone was giving these lessons and I had planned my whole lesson to go along with Jeopardy. It was GREAT. The winners receive a "Brave" pencil, I received from a secret admirer on Valentine's day....No it was not an elder.

So lately I have become strangely obsessed with Sensens. Anyone ever heard of them? They are basically these tiny herbal balls that make your breath smell like perfume and in the words of one of our companions " they taste like my dad". I suppose she is referring to the fact that they taste like cologne. We were confused too. Anyways, they were the first breath mints in America and- why am I telling you this. Nem tudom ( I don't know.)

We only have 19 days LEFT? I can't believe I have been here for 46 days? Where is the time going?  Mom, THANK YOU FOR THE CHARGER IT WORKS. I love you.

Next week is our consecration week, which means no English. I will not be sane at that time. It is so hard, but so exciting. I want to teach the gospel RIGHT when I set foot out of this MTC. We get our itineraries next week. The flight is 15 hours....just enough time to convert some precious soul.

AND Carissa! Neonatal? Wow. You are so cool. Even if you are kind of shady. I sent your letter, it's coming. Thanks for the llama picture, it has gotten my through many a rough nights. And you're welcome for the Christmas Machete.

Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne.... I expect you to participate in hump day as well, even at McDonalds. You are stepping out of the fridge of childhood onto the grill of adult-hood, the deep-fryer of life, the apple pie crisper of the future. You'll be great. ADRIENNE SHARE THE GOSPEL WHILE YOU ARE THERE. You are wonderful and you have a wonderful message, share it.

Thomas....my brother. sigh.

Jaaron. I appreciate that each letter you send seems to relish past painful experiences I have encountered....while on a sled. Please stop reminding me of such painful memories. I love you.

Petey boy- So I talked to the MTC president and he is willing to let you go on a mission for the price of 104,000 eggs....bantam eggs that is. You're going to have to start breeding those ones if you would like to pay for your mission in eggs. Start squeezing those chickens boy!

Nathan. You are adorable. I sent you some candy. Please enjoy.

Brookie wookie pookie- I am squeezing your cheeks virtually right now. I wuv you. Share the gospel with your friends too okay? You are a missionary too, remember?

Mom You are the best. I sent you a letter that explains it all basically you are my everything.

Dad You are also the best... I sent your letter last week. I hope you got it. I love YOU SO MUCH. Wouldn't be here without you and mom.

The Most important thing though is that I hope you all can find ways to share the gospel. You have been given so much. I am amazed at the happiness I am feeling here. It is sincere, it is changing me, and it is my Savior Jesus Christ gift to us all. We have been discussing how God's one purpose is to bring to pass the eternal salvation of man. Wow. How selfless. We have been trained since we existed to help our brothers and sisters partake of salvation. We were probably in something of an MTC before we came to Earth. That is how much God needs us to share this message. That is his work. I LOVE this gospel. Tudom hogy asz evagelium igazsagot es Jezus Krisztus sabaditoeink. Szeretem sabaditom. Isten terve minketert. THE GOSPEL IS TRUTH.

Szeretett, Fowers Nover

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