Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 4 MTC

Csaladom!!! Cziastok! How are you all????

THE MTC IS GREAT. STILL. I love this place. Yesterday Russell M. Ballard came for the devotional. IT was sweet. When everyone stood for him it was so powerful!!!! I was in the choir so he personally thanked me for my lovely singing. Choir is so fun. When you sing for the devotionals the camera's show you singing and it is so distracting. The opening shot for the choir special was M. N. and myself. We gave out SO many autographs. seriously, my wrist hurts.

 This week we did a 2 day SYL ( speak your language) and I just about went crazy. You can't speak English at all and our district decided that we would make little flags that we attached to our tags and when you said anything in English you had to get up in front of everyone, hang your head in shame, and punch a hole in your soul. Alright, little dramatic but it hurt. I sent a picture. It really is a menacing little puncher. Needless to say my flag disintegrated by day 1 1/2 and my companions was nonexistent after the first hour of the day.

I have the greatest companions! Last night, I was freezing cold so I got two of those old wool blankets they have here. It just so happens that the amount of electric generation from one blanket is a lot but their powers combined are quite literally "shocking" hahahahahahahaha. Anyways, I was trying to get to sleep and I could feel the charge building and I raised one of my feet to stretch and it created a HUGE electric current! HAHAHA. At least 6 inches long. IT hurt. Anyways, R. N. sleeps above me and heard it and we laughed uncontrollably while cleaning my 3rd degree burns.

 C. N. is my personal trainer we work our rear ends off in gym. She is forbidding me from playing volleyball with my team because I am not getting enough exercise....my Samoan team will be SO disappointed. It was B. N. B-day last week and so we wore pantyhose's over our faces and caroled the birthday hymn to her. It was great.

I GOT THE BOOK. Mom, butchering pictures? REALLY? Haha. Brilliant.  I told them about Peter and his chickens. They laughed so hard
This is something you might not want to forward, but I don't care if you do....:)  I have an unsightly rash developing on my neck!!!! I probably am going to die. Tell Carissa I need a cat-scan and a spinal-tap. By the way everyone here knows her.

It's our teachers birthday soon and we are going to try to transport 15 pieces of cake out of the cafeteria and celebrate szuletet nap! ( Her birthday)

Thomas!!!! HOW WAS IT?!?!? Welcome to the family brother. I wish I could pinch your little cheeks and kiss ya. Seriously though, I love ya. Start reading PMG it will REALLY help you.

I love hearing about Sam's mission! His MTC room is right below mine. I visited them once, the Fijians. They are great. Definitely different cultures though. They just want smother you to death and Hungarians not so much. My teacher is such a hun. IF only they allowed mustaches.

I know what I am going to do in life now by the way. I am coming right back here and teaching until retirement, then with the pennies that I collect from the laundry room I will go on unlimited missions. Is fantastic no? Belso Beke. ( Inner Peace)

Anyways this week my testimony of Prophets and apostles has grown so much. They are special witnesses of Jesus Christ and they speak for him. We just taught that to one of our investigators. It is such a beautiful thing that the Savior has restored the FULL GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST through Joseph Smith. He loves us. I am so grateful for him.

 I love you all. Szeretlek titeket! Fowers Nover

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