Monday, April 22, 2013

Letters from the family

Thought I would include some letters from the family to Adley....FYI we are not running a poultry fighting ring :)


What's up little sis! How many people have you converted yet? Probably like a 1000000000000, like ALWAYS.  Are you getting fat off of weird bacon slabs? Sounds like heaven, well at least the food. Today two of my turkeys got in a fight. I was rooting for Burb. The fight went on for like an hour. Burb won. I got 57 chicks from Cackle Hatchery and am going to get 15 white turkey chicks on May 3. I AM MASS PRODUCING MY ELITE POULTRY ARMY!!!! Mom won't let me get too many birds.
She's pretty mad at me and dad...we spent $250 on poultry but it's all worth it. I have who knows how many chickens, 11 turkeys, 5 guinea hens, and 8 geese with like 20 turkey eggs, 10 chicken eggs, and 4 goose eggs in the incubator. Anyways, be safe and make sure to convert strangers!


Yes a true Fowers'.  Who can go on a  mission, oh and preach the gospel . Please send me lots of letters. I  know you have gave me lots of  letters, but put lots of love in it please. Oh we got new pigs. We got two. They are like Petey. You should  see them. I think you would  like to see them. I lost two teeth. I'm about to lose a another tooth. and it's the front one. I am excited and mom will let me get two dollars. Oh and the pigs are white and  black.  Now I will like a horse, but mom will say No! She  will not like pups too. I love you Adley.  I hope you love me too, love Brooke!        


Sorry I have not been able to write you in a while but now I have the chance to drop the load we've got a lot of new things happening now we got a trampoline more chicks, Thomas got his mission call to Colorado.  I'm learning more Spanish by time and time again, so I know the whole alphabet and the numbers up to like 100 and more words. We are going to a father and son camp out next Friday so that will be fun.  Shawn is getting married in July and we are going to California to see it.  We watched Les Miserable's last night (Minis the bad parts that Mom covered up and fast forwarded) and I can't stop singing Red the color of angry men...Black the dark of ages past...Red a world about to dawn...Black the night that ends at LAST!!!!!!!!!!  Love Nathan


After much fighting and coaxing I was forced to write this letter. Mom threatened me with a beating and dad pulled out the one hour of work if I didn't. So I hope this letter takes shorter than an hour so I can at least get my money's worth out of this. (Just joking I love writing to you) Well I got two lovable cute pigs this week and I love them with my whole heart. Mom was against it at first but I made an indestructible pen so mom let me have my way. The day we got them we decided to give them a shot of wormer and for one of the pigs his shot didn't go well so we ended up giving him multiple wounds. I was thinking of how Julius Caesar was stabbed several times so I named him Julius Caesar and the other ones always fighting with him so I named him Brutus. I've also decided to go into lawn mowing which make about $25 an hour. Beat that with your Stryker work. Here is my wonderful flyer for those interested.
Bob's Barbarian Lawn mowing Service.
Who: To whoever wants their lawns mowed.
When: On Saturdays
We offer lawn mowing and weed eating for a price settled for on the phone. Preferably $25 for both lawn services
To talk about the price please call #.
Always on the cutting edge.

I'm still working on a catchy jingle so everyone will know who I am. Anyway I think that whole diet you set up right before you left did nothing against the power of raw, greasy, fatty bacon. You're going to come home obese and I'm going to laugh really REALLY HARD!!! So we watched Les Miserable's last night and the actor for the young lover boy looked almost exactly like N. and the other actress was just blonde so I guess it reminded me of you. I had just come back from a camp out and I was SUN BURNT and when they were singing the song "red the color of angry men" I blatantly said "red the color of my NECK" and When you say what I said... say it as irritated as you can and it will be a lot funnier. Well I miss your constant rivalry and I think I'm getting fat without you always keeping the pressure up. (Notice how I said keeping the pressure up NOT WINNING :). Love me always, Jaaron.

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