Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 7 MTC (Missionary Training Center)

4 MORE DAYS!?!?!?!?! I don't know how that happened... all I know is that at approximately 5:20 on Tuesday ( P.s. Magyar is  8 hour difference.) I will be touring the Anti-Hungro-Lehi's mission- or soon to be Anit-Hugnro-Lehi's. I actually taught a lesson on that the other day to our district. I love that whole story. If you have time to read it, please do. It is so incredible. One point I made in that story is the effect that the examples of those brave father's had on their wives and children. Picture this if you will: How when the fathers of this people stood by that hole they had just dug, and threw in the only things that could protect their families- all of the swords, and weapons of war. And why? BECAUSE THAT ISN'T WHAT SAVES FAMILIES. This gospel saves families. The temple saves families. Christ saves families. I am giving up the best part of my life to help others have the best parts of their lives with them for forever.

I hope that made sense, and I am not bragging. This is my message to the beautiful Hungarians. With great blessings comes great responsibilities. This is Christ message, and I think I taught it a million times to our investigators this week.

First off:
Mom I love you. I miss you like a cow misses cud. Can you please make sure there is $300 dollars at least in my account for the airport? And if you see something on my debit card that says I spent money at the temple it was because they HAVE SAVORY BREADS. I couldn't resist. The most charming bread you can find anywhere. Have I told you I love the temple. We did work for the Hungarians again today. All the little old temple ladies know me and my companions and we help them say the names right....they wuv us.
Flight schedule:

leave here: 2:45 on ked ( Tuesday)
Dallas 6:20- this is possible when I will be calling.... be PREPARED- ( say that like they say it on the Lion King)
LONDON 11:35 am- by this time I will have my first convert so I will write you about that later. :)

I love the MTC, don't get me wrong....but I love fresh air. Thomas, I hope you are preparing to serve, just to tell you right now- it is HARD. This is not all just fun, be prepared to study your tail off.

Consecration week was interesting....My everyone was pretty frustrated. But it was good. Everyone said I won. I don't know what that means and I sound like Jaaron right now. But I am guessing that is good.

Carissa. I cried when I read your letter....why haven't the Burglars RETURNED. It moved me to tears. Poor machete. Hey, seriously though, I love you and I really did cry, and I know your life is going in the right direction. I am sending your letter.

Thomas......sigh my brother.

Just kidding! You thought that was all I was going to say! Hey I love you and I can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday! Be ready to tell me all about the sealing okay!

McAdrienne....need I say more. HAHAHAHAHHA. Keep the fries warm baby. 

Jaaron- gee, Mr. unfaithful. Two letters I have sent and no reply....that's cool. I just won't send you a sweet Hungarian bull whip- I'll send it to Pete. ;) Seriously though I love ya.

Peter. I saw your picture. My companions and I laughed in the middle of a quite part at a devotional and everyone stared. Thank you.

Nathan- did you get your letter! Brooke told me you gave her a pig pen? You are the NICEST LITTLE BOY IN THE WORLD. I LOVE YOU! You will be the best Missionary.

COOOL things are happening here. So This week an ambassador from Croatia visited and possible going to open a new mission in Croatia! SO MANY BODY GUARDS. This work is hastening on.

Elder Holland visited and shared some sweet scriptures with us  about how this is the 11th hour- I think D&C 33. Anyways- way excited. -

Carissa. I forgot to mention that the picture you gave me about the llama is starting to creep me out. My roommate said that at 3:00 am ( she was up because she was sick) I got up, took the picture from top of my bed, stared at it and then put it up and went back to bed. Needless to say the picture has been removed and is somewhere in my suitcase.

GRANDMA FOWERS- You know that I love you SO much?!?!?!? RIGHT. You are such an example to me, you are one of the MOST KIND-HEARTED people I know. I love you and hope things aren't too stressful over there. I hope the rat costumes are the bomb! Which, knowing your skill they will be. Thank you so much for my amazing dad. You have blessed my life in soooo many ways. I love you, love you, love you.

This work is true csala'dom. I love you all. The next time I talk to you I will be crying and saying " This ain't the language they taught me in the MTC." The Lord's work must go on though, if if I am inadequate. I love the gospel and I love the plan of Salvation.

Szerettlek titeket! Fowers Nover 

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