Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 6 MTC

Draga Családom,

Hogy vagytok? I HAVE ONE WEEK AND 1/2 WEEK LEFT!?!?! Where did the time go? I am supposed to be fluent right now.....and well that hasn't happened. So this is our consecration week! NO English....Nincs. I will be so frustrated this next week I might die. When you can't understand your companion and everything you say in this language sounds harsh and very clock-like, well let's just say people get frustrated. It's actually quite comical.

I just realized this, this week but we will be the first 19 year olds in Hungary. Yeah, it took me a while, BUT HOW COOL! We get our travel plans Friday so I get to call and tell you when I am calling. A call to call. I don't know when I can start writing personal letters again. I won't get letters until I have my transfers, which is every 6 weeks. So...pretty much you will all be strangers to me when I return home :)

My companion and I just spent all of P-day at the temple and so I can't really think right now. Bochi- Sorry. Today was so beautiful though. I love the temple. I love serving at the temple and today we were able to serve many Hungarians. The thought occurred to me that Hungary- Magyarósag doesn't have temple! The Provo temple has been receiving TONS of these names over the last two years. These people love their families. They want all these blessings for their families and I am already serving these wonderful people here in the temple. It was great. These people really love their families....I can't wait to tell them about mine and show them all the pictures of you all! ( I might exclude the butchering ones.)

We are learning so much and yet not enough. I learned the Huns are like coconuts. Super hard at first but super sweet on the inside. They said they walk around with just absolutely straight faces, and that when you teach the first lesson it is super uncomfortable because you have no idea what they are thinking. That is intimidating. BUT I CAN DO THIS. I am pumping myself up to just be courageous and share. Pray for me, kay?

Something that has also impressed me this week is how special it is to have the spirit with you at all times. I am carrying around a picture of Christ for consecration week and am trying to constantly keep him in my thoughts. Why? There is an incredible promise in the sacrament prayer, if we always remember Christ- We will ALWAYS have his spirit with us. I don't know of anyone else I'd rather have as a constant companion. So a few nights ago, I was SUPER tired. I had run 3 miles, class was hard, our lesson wasn't that great, I was having a hard time with feeling the spirit and I didn't know why, I was doing all I needed to do?? and I had just eaten an apple- I don't know what that has to do with being tired. The lights were turned off and I was sitting in my bed just about ready to sleep. Except that I could not. It was like one second I could have fallen asleep instantly and the next I was WIDE awake. I knew something was up. I heard my bunkmate sniffle a little bit. I kept having this feeling I should ask her if she was okay, but I tried to justify that she would rather be left alone- she is one of those people that likes to figure things out herself not a talker ( this is the sister that is just like me.) Anyways, I just kept feeling like I should ask her, and I didn't know if it was the spirit of myself so I just asked really quietly asked if she was okay. She said she was. I felt weird. About five minutes later she got down from bed and asked if we could talk. It was about 11:00 and so we went into the janitors closet- and she told me she was just having the hardest time and how she hated it here- but she was trying to like it. Anyways, we talked and at the end each of us got the answer we needed and were able to pray and ask for help. It was beautiful. I want to have the spirit with me always.

Alright, It took way too long to write that, I don't know if it makes any sense, I am tired and my time is up and we are late for dinner. Please do not be offended at the shortness of this letter. I love you all. I will talk to you soon!

Love Fowers Nővér

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