Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adley's Letter 3 MTC

Csalad! Family! Szeretlek! I love you! I miss you all so much! I loved Brooke's Valentines! I laughed so hard and my companion would have as well if she wasn't pounding out her letter on the computer as fast as I am.

You are all so wonderful.  So much has happened this week! The Usi- ( pronounced USHI) or the ancient ones have left. They are now happily in Budapest and I am so Jealous. The MTC is great but I can't wait to serve. We have only on sister coming in this next week. We are going to call her the kossovatos egy or " The chosen one". We definitely won't tell her until she figures it our herself she is our little kiche.

We had a culture day the other day, which is significant because our teachers NEVER tell stories about their mission. They want to keep us focused, but the point of this was to encourage us. So we grooved out to Magyaroszag music and then played with a bull whip...yeah, it was great. We also learned about the people. They are apparently a very serious people, they have almost always someone( occupationing? ) their land. yeah I don't have time to figure out the real word.

So in the residence halls we have these sweet secret stashes in the electrical outlets where we preserve all of our goods. They are great! We have about 3 tons of chocolate kisses saved up for after the mish, because of course kisses are not an acceptable food for the MTC. They have these wonderful things here, they're called " Sharing tables" and you share food. SO if you ever need to serve someone you grab something from the share table package it, and then give it to the mail room. I have done this SOO many times, it's great. People love you, and you don't spend a dime....just a pinch of love and brilliance. I might send you all one.

The cafeteria is still great. The other day in the leftover line they had these HUGE chunks of pure meat. EWWWH. It was sweet though. The Samoans eat 10 of them. STILL SO DRY. I have developed an electric current that no amount of anti-static can tame. I wake up and little lightning lights up the room from my blankets. Never living here. But I do love the mountains :) We had our first SYL day yesterday, which is where we speak only in our language. So frustrating. We were completely exhausted by the end of the night, and I promise you everyone of us woke up screaming in Hungarian. Hungarian phrase for the day " belso beke" ( inner peace) it's my go-to phrase after we teach our investigators. THANKS SO MUCH  for getting me the book, I haven't gotten it yet but I am so excited. I relate EVERYTHING to the farm...ahhhh. The farm. So relaxing. The MTC is so hard! FRIDAY IS MY HALF WAY POINT THOUGH!!!! Also:

 I can't believe it. Alright, this week my testimony of the restoration of the gospel has grown so significantly. It is so beautiful to me that the Lord provides for us the simplicity of the gospel through the Book of Mormon. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. I know it is true. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith for restoring this gospel. I promise that if any of you have doubts just read it and pray. You will know it is true. I am so grateful for the plan of Salvation. How great is Jesus Christ? So great. I am so undeserving of anything he has to offer. I can never repay him. That is a hard concept to grasp for me. I don't like being in debt to people, but I love the Savior. I am trying to serve him with all my heart. He comes first in all I do. I want to share his message so badly to show I love him. I am praying for the faith I need to bring others to Christ. For those going on missions soon remember this: You can only bring a person as close to the Savior as you are. Your relationship with the Savior is what affects theirs. Got to go! Love you all. Don't forget.

Sister Fowers

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